Surviving travel as healthy as possible

Someone recently asked me for suggestions on how to healthily survive a 10-hour flight.

My advice was not good. I told him that I survive international flights with booze and a sleeping pill.

Seriously, here is my advice on how to survive an international flight or even a domestic flight:

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water before, during and after the flight.

Avoid alcohol before and during the flight. (For the record, I don’t take this advice.)

Take healthy snacks with you: fruit, nuts, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, even a sandwich.

Walk around every once in a while.

If a meal is offered, go with the healthiest option. (Go with the chicken or fish.) You can probably view the menu online for preplanning.

Don’t beat yourself up when you stray and have a drink or don’t have enough water or chow down on something super unhealthy. All we can do is our best. And we do slip up. And hell, most of the time when I travel I am on vacation. And one of the greatest things about going on vacation (especially when traveling somewhere new, exotic, international or just awesome) is the food and drink.

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Today at work we had an early Fourth of July barbecue. As I have been trying to limit my caloric intake and bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work this week I didn’t want to fall off the wagon on Day 4.

I brought my own bread. (I have been known to go to barbecues with my own bread and portobello mushroom.) I brought a Sandwich Thin with me.

I was careful with my choices at the barbecue buffet. I had a little helping of coleslaw and potato salad. I grabbed a huge portobello mushroom, a slice of cheese, onions and a little barbecue sauce. I did grab a cornbread muffin. For dessert I skipped the pie, ice cream and bread pudding and went with a piece of watermelon.

I planned to take a photo of my not so unhealthy barbecue plate. I didn’t remember until my plate was empty. Woopsie!

I was a little late to my 6:30 p.m. spin class at the gym tonight. But I still made it. I needed a good workout as my points were pretty much depleted throughout the day, despite my careful efforts at the barbecue.

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Veggie munching, summertime grillin’

In most parts of the country it is unofficially summer. Except where I live … in the Bay Area. It has been like winter around here: cool, rainy, wet, windy, not sunny.

So I am guessing my readers from everywhere except here have already done some grilling, been to a barbecue or are planning one very soon.

I have figured out a few ways to make those summer barbecues a little less scary when it comes to caloric intake.

When invited to a barbecue I have been known to take my own food with me to grill. A portobello mushroom is a great burger substitute. When you put the mushroom on the grill all the juices come out and it is absolutely delicious. The portobello is a meaty mushroom.

Boca burgers or Morningstar burgers work as well. I personally prefer the mushroom over the “fake” burgers.

I have also taken my own bread before. Two slices of Sara Lee Delightfuls are only 90 calories. Oroweat Sandwich Thins are 100 calories and are a good bun substitute.

For snacks you can have crunchy veggies with salsa or a little ranch or hummus or whatever. I talked about crunchy … Continue reading