I sweated a lot in a Bikram yoga class

Let me say that I realize this post may cause dislike, disagreement, possibly anger … But this is my opinion and my feelings on hot yoga. And you are allowed to disagree.

I don’t believe Bikram yoga (hot yoga) is real yoga.

After experiencing it I will say it is some form of exercise? … yoga poses where you are in a super hot room and sweat like crazy.

If you like doing it I am not saying you shouldn’t do it. I’m just saying … it ain’t real yoga.

Over the past year or so I believe I have become a self-proclaimed yoga snob. In terms of the type of yoga classes I take, the teachers I study under and even the way I am trying to develop my skills as a teacher.

When I first started taking yoga in 2007 it was solely for exercise. And there is nothing wrong with that.

About four years ago I started taking yoga at a yoga studio. I found different styles of yoga and different teachers I enjoyed studying under. And I found styles of yoga and teachers I didn’t enjoy.

My normal practice consisted of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Once I … Continue reading

Let’s celebrate National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month. I know that. But the weird thing is I am having a hard time finding a lot of current information on this.

In honor of of this month I thought I would FINALLY respond to a request from my friend Rosie.

Months ago she asked me for advice for someone who wanted to start practicing yoga.

When I started regularly practicing yoga a little more than five years ago I first started practicing at the gym. For me I was lucky, those classes were good beginner classes. And the instructors were well-experienced teachers as well.

When I started at Namaste I felt lucky then as well, too. All the teachers are pretty amazing and experienced and versatile. I have practiced with many yoga instructors, personalities, styles, types of yoga, class sizes, etc.

So here is my advice to Rosie and anyone else who wants it:

I suggest finding a yoga studio in your area and doing a little research on the instructors who teach at the studio. (You could do the same research on the yoga instructors at your gym.) The yoga studio website should have bios on the teachers and subs. And … Continue reading

You get biscuits instead of Bikram

I was planning on doing a post on Bikram Yoga. But I have been busy tonight and it is almost 9:30, which is sadly about my bedtime. I get up at 5 during the week so I like to try to be in bed by 9:30 and be asleep by 10. But just for you, dear readers, I am sacrificing a little bit of sleep. (And enough sleep is so important to me. I am kinda crabby if I don’t get enough.)

In my brief research on Bikram, I found an interesting article titled, Can Hot Yoga Help to Lose Weight Faster? I was pretty sure the answer was no. I do plan to do more extensive research for a future post. So stay tuned.

My mom and stepdad are coming in to town tomorrow. They are going to cat/housesit while Curt and I are on vacation. Fred wanted to have a ham delivered to us for us all to enjoy from Burgers’ Smokehouse. Curt stuck it in the oven for us tonight to start munching. We had ham, biscuits and corn for dinner.

When I was buying the yummy delicious Pillsbury biscuits at the grocery I noticed … Continue reading

Not quite Bikram

I fairly regularly take a Sunday morning yoga class at the studio near my house. It is an intense Vinyasa Yoga class, which I just love (and hate).

I didn’t realize that Sean actually cranks up the heat for class until today. After class I asked him what the temp is during class. He told me he likes it between 75 and 80. I asked him what the temp in Bikram Yoga is. He said, usually between 85 and 95. Ouch.

I am not sure how many calories I burn during 90 minutes of Sean’s class. But I am sure it is significant. After class today I was very hungry.

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Bikram Yoga eases chronic pain

Guest Post: Jen C.

Ten years ago a truck ran a red light, t-boned my Honda and left me to a decade-long battle with chronic pain. Both sides of my neck were whipped around, concentrating the pain in my neck and shoulder muscles–and radiating out to the connecting head, facial and jaw muscles. The pain is nagging, persistent and all-over.TP_scmS

I’d tried everything from prescribed narcotics and muscle relaxers to physical therapy and memory-foam pillows. None of that really provided lasting or complete pain relief, and I thought I’d exhausted all my options. I’d learned to live with it. I thought I had to. 

And then, by accident, I discovered Bikram Yoga

A friend of mine was in town and wanted to work out, but she forgot her tennis shoes. I begrudgingly agreed to try Bikram–that heated-room, humid, grueling, gross form of … Continue reading