Protecting skin from sun, environment from chemicals

Growing up in Tucson, Ariz., my goal in life as a teenager was to have the best tan.

When you are 12-15 years old there is not much else to do in the summer but go to the park pool and glisten in the sun and do some babysitting.

I pretty much never wore sunscreen and was even known to slather myself in baby oil in order to “bake” quicker.

I am horrified that I did that. But in those days I never really burned. My nose and shoulders would get a little red. But that was pretty much the extent.

About seven years ago Curt met me in San Diego for a weekend after I attended a training. We went to the beach one day and a ballgame the next. Beach day we were out there about three hours.

I didn’t wear sunscreen. Wow, I got burned. That had never really happened to me before.

As a result of that day I now wear sunscreen when sunbathing. As we age and change environments (I haven’t lived in my hometown in about 15 years) our skin changes.

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