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Delicious, healthy blueberries

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Curt and I were in Portland last weekend and I didn’t do anything remotely healthy to write about. And then coming back to a hectic and crazy time at work … When Curt and I were in Portland last weekend we were at a restaurant called Jake’s having […]

Getting back to the basics

I am desperately trying to get back to a healthier food routine. The first issue was that I hadn’t been to the grocery in sometime. I went on Saturday. I also hadn’t been regularly buying some of the basics. I made sure to include those on the list. I hadn’t taken the time to prepare […]

Work/life not so balanced …

This week has been a tough one at work. A particular project plus everything else I have to do is keeping me rather busy and slightly frazzled. At some point in the early afternoon I knew there was no way I was going to make my 5:30 spin class. I just accepted it and moved […]