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Albany yoga basics workshop

Over the weekend Curt and I were in his hometown. Curt is from a small Missouri town. So small that they don’t have yoga among other things. I held a yoga workshop for members of the community. I love finding ways to bring yoga to anyone who wants to experience the practice. It was my […]

Empowering girls through yoga

On Saturday I volunteered at the Girl Power Summit at a middle school near where I live. I taught the girls yoga. The girls were second to seventh graders. The girls were in or will be in programs designed to keep girls active and healthy with mentorship and leadership. I taught five groups of girls. (There were […]

Listen and notice

I feel very fortunate that I was able to take a master yoga class on Wednesday with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman at Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland. As expected, the class was packed even though it was 9 on a Wednesday morning. It was a 2-hour class. But it didn’t feel like two hours. Rodney […]

Can the breath cure hiccups?

I recently got the hiccups. I decided to do some research on why we get them. They are such a nuisance, aren’t they? Curt recommended me doing research on a yoga pose that helps stop hiccups. Why didn’t I think of that? First, what is  a hiccup? According to Medical News Today, a hiccup occurs when […]

Just Breathe

Breathing practice is a refuge. ~Richard (paraphrased) in last night’s yoga teacher training. In yoga teacher training class last night the first part of class was on back bends (baby back bends) and the second half was on Pranayama. Breathing. We focused on Ujjayi Pranayama. Over my years of practicing yoga I have learned how to […]

Exploring body, emotions with yoga practice

I took Vickie’s Sunday class and tonight’s class. Her classes throughout the week have the same theme and for the most part are the same class. Sunday’s class was pretty packed and we had to accommodate all the bodies and arms. In order for us to move our arms Vickie had us put our hands […]

To live, to breathe

Breathing is important. In order to live we have to breathe, right? I love to share things I learn in yoga. I feel like I am always learning something new about yoga, my practice and my body. Months ago in Vickie’s class we learned about breathing into our intercostal muscles. I wrote about this new […]

Ms. Crabby Pants comes out …

… Work has been busy, exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, etc. lately. Sometimes I deal with stress well and other times I don’t. I have been really trying to and focusing on practicing yoga “off the mat” while at work the past few weeks. Sometimes I am successful and other times not so much. I wrote about practicing […]


In many yoga classes they have us chant Aum or Om at the beginning and end of class, which we did today. But we also chanted shorter aums as we did some Vinyasa flows in Hatha Yoga class tonight with Baxter. We focused on the Aums (that link to the left is the sound of Aum) […]