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Lessons from an almost 4-year-old

In September last year (2017) a friend from the Bay Area was visiting with his almost 4-year-old (who is now 4!). Our little friend has been practicing yoga for some time now at her day care. She loves it. When she comes to visit she gets excited to see my yoga props and asks if […]

Can the breath cure hiccups?

I recently got the hiccups. I decided to do some research on why we get them. They are such a nuisance, aren’t they? Curt recommended me doing research on a yoga pose that helps stop hiccups. Why didn’t I think of that? First, what is  a hiccup? According to Medical News Today, a hiccup occurs when […]

Yoga pose: Child’s Pose

Earlier this week I wrote about dealing with grief and yoga. One of the poses (Child’s Pose) is part of the mini practice I found and shared on Monday as well. A few of my co-workers and I did a mini yoga practice yesterday. My friend Maria lead a short little meditative relaxing practice. And […]