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Before … after … and now

For about the┬ápast year to year and a half I have been the healthiest I have ever been. Not the smallest or thinnest, but the healthiest. I turn 42 in one month and I feel amazing. And I think I look pretty good, too. I know that’s not what it is all about. It’s about […]

Spinning that hula hoop

One of the challenges in Go Fit Girl’s April Monthly Challenge is to rock that hula hoop. According to this article on, we are all as cool as the First Lady. And we know how cool Michelle Obama is. And I can guarantee she can rock that hoop. The article also says, doing any […]

Start jumping!

One of our exercise challenges this month in Go Fit Girl’s April Monthly Challenge is working the jump rope. If you want a major cardio workout, jump rope for 3 minutes (or longer). Jumping rope requires and builds coordination, is an easy and quick cardio workout and can be done almost anywhere. According to WebMD, […]

Burning calories, having fun while hula hooping

On Wednesday and Thursday my company hosted a Wellness Fair. Biometrics (blood pressure, glucose, BMI, cholesterol, etc.) were taken along with consultation and advice from nurses. The Wellness Fair had booths from our various insurance providers, dental provider, eye care provider, Mental Health Network and for cooking demonstrations, Cross Fit and Yoga representation. And the […]

Walking miles on golf course in cold

Over the weekend Curt and I headed to Hayward to see our friend Tag Ridings play golf in the Nationwide Tour at Stonebrae. I wanted to know how many miles I would be walking over the weekend. I put a GPS tracking app on my iPhone. Tag’s father-in-law came along with him. So Curt and […]

Burning calories on those cardio machines

Those of us who have ever used a cardio machine have probably asked the question: Is the calorie count on cardio machines accurate? I have wondered this. And I decided to do some research to get my answer. I read through many web sites and they pretty much said the same thing. No, the calorie […]

Lactic acid a positive player in exercise

Yesterday Curt and I attended an engagement for our good friends Monica and Malcolm at Monica’s parents’ house. There was beer and also a taco bar, which was so delicious. I had a couple of beer and more tacos than I want to admit to. But man, were they good!   Luckily I had a […]