My regular Restorative Yoga practice

I love being a teacher. A teacher of yoga. And also teaching indoor cycling classes.

Because of what I do I have a weird schedule. Every day is a little different. Three out of my six teaching days I have a 9:15 a.m. class, a noon class and a class in the evening. Most of my days I have a gap from about 1:30 to 5ish.

This is when I run errands, have my lunch, get things done around the house, work on the blog, work on playlists and yoga sequences, catch up on e-mail, etc.

But I also hit a low in the middle of the day and get sleepy. Because I physically work I know at times my body needs rest.

My norm had been little cat naps. Sometimes they end up being longer. Somedays I feel great after my nap and other days not so much.

About five or six weeks ago I decided to trade my nap time in with a 30-minute Restorative Yoga practice. (I have been doing this about five times a week.)

Mondays are one of my harder days as I have three classes and it is my “Friday.” I don’t normally teach on … Continue reading

Lazy days are just what I needed

I had lots of plans for this long weekend. I actually took Friday off to give myself a four-day weekend.

I got many things checked off my to do list, but not as many items got checked off as I would have liked.

Maybe my list was unrealistic.

Or maybe I just did what I needed to do to take care of me. Most items on the list weren’t critical to be done this weekend. And the higher priority items were taken care of.

My life is very busy and pretty routine and each day has some sort of purpose and plan (not necessarily all day, but usually parts of it).

Sundays I usually get up in the morning and hit the grocery and then a Vinyasa Yoga class. Yesterday I got up and I just felt tired and out of sorts.

So I decided to take care of me and just take it easy. I vegged in front of the TV and napped.

Eventually I had to hit the grocery for our cook out with our neighbors. It took all the energy I could muster to just get myself.

Curt and I had tickets for an A’s game today. … Continue reading

Are you eating healthy this weekend?

Anyone who has been on Weight Watchers, any sort of diet and/or healthy lifestyle may have someone ask them, are you eating healthy right now? Are you on plan? Are you off plan?

I usually hear one of those questions before going out to eat at a restaurant. I can almost always find a decently healthy thing or two on the menu to eat.

And sometimes I decide to indulge and eat whatever I want.

We had a friend visiting over the weekend who is also on WW. So at some point I asked, are you eating healthy this weekend?

She decided to enjoy her food and booze.

At the point I asked her I hadn’t decided yet my plan for the weekend. But by the multiple beers ordered at McNally’s, the Mac & Cheese for dinner … I answered my own question.

Neither of us went too crazy. But we enjoyed ourselves. But we also made sure to get some exercise in: spin on Saturday and yoga on Sunday.

AND I still lost a tiny bit of weight. I am on my way to hitting my goal weight … very soon.

And yesterday I was back on plan.

As … Continue reading

Feeding your body after exercise

I really wanted to blog on Thursday night. Mainly because I had skipped blogging for days before. But I got home late and still had stuff to do around the house and work work to do as well. And by the time I was done I was exhausted.

The past work week has been exhausting and busy. And I anticipate this coming week to be busy as well, especially since starting on Friday I will be on vacation for 10 days! I can’t wait!

I found an interesting article on Yahoo about the mistake many people make by thinking just because they work out they can eat or drink anything they want. It’s all in moderation.

I posted the link on both my personal FB page and the GFG! FB page. My friend and neighbor Jessie commented that after she works out in the morning she is so hungry. I know that feeling of needing carbs or protein and sometimes just feeling wiped out.

So I asked her what she eats afterward.

She said she usually grabs a Naked protein smoothie.

So, of course, this prompted some research and lucky for you, a post.

I looked up a Naked … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday

I had promised you an exciting Comment Contest Tuesday. Well, this isn’t the one I promised. Sorry, that awesome one will be coming soon.

But for now you get a different one. (Which I am a little excited about.)

I have been pretty busy lately and I just feel like I can’t get everything done I want to at work and at home. My life feels a little crazed.

So I want to know from my busy readers, how do you do it all? Whether you are a mom or a dad or some sort of caretaker or someone without kids or with grown kids or someone with a lot of responsibility in your life.

How do you get it all done? Or maybe you don’t. What do you sacrifice? Sleep, exercise, eating healthy? Do you have work/life balance?

For me, things around the house can suffer. Or maybe I am so exhausted when I get home that I just have cereal or popcorn for dinner or sometimes I skip dinner (gasp!) or just have a glass of wine (double gasp!!).

I try to catch up on weekends. Or I am so tired from my busy week that I just … Continue reading