America’s Next Pole Dancer?

My good friend Monica is getting married next month. Her bachelorette party was on Saturday.

Because my mom was in town I couldn’t participate in most of the activities. But the one I did participate in was the pole dancing class.

Talk about some sweaty exercise.

There were probably about 15 of us participating. There were five poles set up. The instructor would show us a simple routine around the pole and then have us each try it out.

We learned a few routines and then put them all together for a “sexy” dance. We also did some booty popping. If you want to look for videos you can look yourself. Just realize it is at your own risk.

Working the stripper pole is a lot harder than it looks. You have to have strong arms, strong legs, strong core, strong back …

I think my regular yoga practice helped with my pole dancing practice. I am not super coordinated. But the routines were simple. And I seem to have some sort of odd focus and calmness while trying out the various routines and tricks.

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My yoga practice

I write a lot about my yoga practice.

Sometimes my practice is about exercise.

Sometimes it is about connecting deeper with myself.

Sometimes it is about breathing.

Sometimes it is about endurance.

Sometimes it is about remaining calm.

Sometimes it is about getting stronger, physically.

Sometimes it is about taking care of me.

Sometimes it is a combo of these or all of them.

Yesterday in Aviva’s class she talked about focusing on the head, neck and shoulders.

She read us an excerpt, which she will send to me later. Part of it read like this:

Yoga is … wisdom of the mind, will of the heart and skill of the body.

I really like that. And I have really been reflecting on it since she read it yesterday.


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Calm practice on and off yoga mat

Last Wednesday I missed yoga as I had to stay at work late and then come home and do more work. I was bitter and pissy about it.

I have a lot of high priority projects at work right now. Things are a little tense and stressful.

I am trying to take my yoga practice off the mat and practice patience at work. Sometimes I do well at it other times not so much.

Tonight in yoga class Baxter had us to set an intention. This is one of my favorite things about practicing yoga.

Sometimes I focus my intention on someone I care about who needs some positive energy sent their way. Other times I set an intention for myself or my practice.

Lately my intentions have been focused on me. Tonight I set my intention for a calm practice, which can also be taken off the mat in my life right now.

Two different yoga teachers in recent months have mentioned my calm practice to me. One teacher whose class is a lighter lunchtime flow class said to me one day as she was helping me adjust into the pose that it appeared that I was … Continue reading