Dancing off those calories

This has been a great long weekend.

I took Friday off, giving myself a 4-day weekend instead of a three. Sweet!

Friday morning I had a dentist appointment and then took the car in for maintenance.

After that the de-cluttering of the spare room/office began. I have worked on this room every day since Friday.

I have a lot of shredding to do and a few more things to sort through and Curt has some stuff to go through. But other than that it is nearing completion and the room is starting to look more as it should be and becoming presentable.

On Saturday night our friends Monica and Giovanni hosted Fiesta Italiana. (I know them from spin class at the gym. Over the past year various friends have hosted parties or dinner parties.)

The food was amazing. Oh man, it was so good! Others brought salads and the rest of us made sure we were in good supply of booze. I am always good at supplying booze. Curt and I brought Italian wine and beer.

As with most “spin parties” they turn into a dance party.

So between my two hours at the gym in the morning (spin; abs; … Continue reading

Showing the love … to me

Today is Valentine’s Day. I find the holiday silly and pretty much pointless. If you are single, you feel bad that you are. If you are in a relationship, you feel pressure. Curt and I don’t give gifts or cards. If we can, we do go out to dinner and eat delicious sushi.

Last night in Baxter’s Hatha class we focused on our heart and opening it up. (Baxter likes to do themes. Last week we focused on the feet.)

We set an intention at the beginning of class. I set mine for someone else. But during class I really thought about my heart being opened up and taking care of me.

 I, like many women, feel that I must take care of everyone else. Which usually means I sacrifice taking care of myself. (Part of it is also that I am a control freak. But we don’t need to talk about that now.)

But how I take care of myself and love myself is by making sure I regularly exercise, try to eat healthy, cut back my caffeine intake, try to keep my alcohol drinking to weekends and to … Continue reading

Genius in the kitchen?

As Bridget Jones once said: Have a sneaking suspicion … am also something of a genius in the kitchen …

So this week I think I have been pretty good with being on a plan to eat healthy and keep up with exercise.

I started back at yoga on Monday. Practiced yoga Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Went to the gym today for two hours of spin, abs and body conditioning.

On Thursday I had a work dinner, which consisted of wine, appetizers and an amazing dinner. Probably the only super unhealthy item I had was the delicious mushroom ravioli. Wow, was it good!

Since Thursday was a higher calorie dinner I am trying to be aware and careful for the rest of the week (and I was careful coming up into Thursday).

I had dinner plans with some girlfriends last night. We had Chinese and I knew I could be OK with steamed veggies and brown rice.

For lunch yesterday I was craving something with balsamic vinegar. It’s one of my new “seasoning” obsessions. I found stuff in the fridge: zucchini, green onion, jalapeno and  yellow hot. I cut them all up and mixed with a little olive oil … Continue reading

Exercise, vegetables and dancing … oh my!

Sorry for the slacking in blogging. But rest assured I have not been slacking in the exercise or the caloric intake department.

Let’s see. What have I been up to since I last blogged on Tuesday …

On Wednesday I walked with some co-workers/friends. It was a small group, but we were/are fierce. The walk started off rather cool. But eventually we were warmed up and feeling good. We walked for an hour. And we were faster than last week. In our first 30 minutes we got farther than we did the week before. I kinda dreaded the hour walk. But once we got going I felt great! Wednesday night I went to Baxter’s Hatha yoga class, which was packed.

Thursday my friend/co-worker and I went out to lunch. We had Chinese food. I had a cup of hot and sour soup and steamed veggies over brown rice. I really wanted kung pao chicken, but I refrained. Thursday afternoon I hit the gym at work. I decided to not spin as the seat is jacked up. (The repair guy is coming tomorrow.) So I walked for about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then did weights and abs for about … Continue reading

Planning, dedication, hard work pays off

Last week I talked about how planning my meals and my exercise was keeping me on track.

Well, the regular exercise and healthy eating has proven to be worthy. I got on the scale this morning and I lost 2.2 pounds from a week ago.

I haven’t tracked my food or counted Points or calories. I just paid attention to what I was eating and I planned.

I did a lot of cooking two weekends ago and most of my meals were fresh (hardly anything processed) with very little meat. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I drank water or tea.

I have been limiting my caffeine intake as well as my alcohol intake and trying to keep the imbibing to the weekends.

I plan to keep this up. We’ll see what happens next week.

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Holiday treat minus the fat, calories



















Guest Post: Alicia

I have an addiction to Starbucks eggnog lattes.  They are delicious and every November I look forward to buying my first eggnog latte of the year.  I think part of the appeal is because it’s seasonal so it makes it so much more special to me.

Unfortunately this seasonal delicacy along with snacking on other holiday treats add to the fact that I eat too much junk during this time of year. And it also hurts my wallet.

For a 12 oz. (tall) nonfat eggnog latte it’s $3.75 at 350 calories and 15 grams of fat. It’s quite pricey (even when I bring in my own mug and get 10 cents off, it’s still $3.65).

Last year I did some research and discovered I could make my own at home for fraction of the cost and calories.  Trader Joe’s sells low fat eggnog for $2.69 a quart.  A half cup serving is 110 calories and only 1 gram of fat.  I found a recipe on Sweet Savory Life.  I used low fat eggnog, nonfat milk, and left out the whipped … Continue reading

Maintaining healthy weight

Over the past couple of weeks I have had at least three comments that I am shrinking, dwindling away, losing weight, looking skinny, etc.

I didn’t really feel like I was dropping weight. I wasn’t sure since I hadn’t been on a scale in weeks, maybe a month.

So today I got on the scale … don’t worry I am not withering away. I am about 2 1/2 pounds from my goal weight. This was a surprise to me.

My exercise is in excellent practice. I am working out on average 6-7 days a week. My water intake is really good. I drink on average 80-96 ounces a day. I have almost completely cut out soda–diet soda included. I am trying to only drink alcohol on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).  I am doing OK in that department. My caloric intake is just OK. It could be better. So I was surprised that my weight was lower than expected.

I know how to lose weight and I know how to maintain. My willpower with food is weak at times.

When I was losing weight I was doing it a healthy way. I counted Points® with Weight Watchers. Between advise … Continue reading

Really needing some motivation

Yesterday I broke my exercise streak. The horrendous commute home got me to my house a little after 6. My Wednesday night Hatha class with Baxter starts at 6.

I could have gone to the 7:30 class. But I wasn’t in the mood. Plus, I had to make and eat dinner and do all the things that needed to be done for the evening–shower, get gym bag together, get clothes ready for work. (I didn’t blog last night–so I didn’t need to do that.)

Yesterday a co-worker and I went to a taqueria for lunch. I had my leftovers for dinner plus two regular beers. So yesterday was anything but healthy.

Today at work, the cafe was serving chile relleno. Oh man. I had to have it for lunch. It was good. (Not as good as the one my aunt makes, which my nana used to make as well.)

I really had to motivate myself to hit the gym today. I wasn’t feeling it. I really needed some motivation. But I knew I had to work off some of that food and lack of exercise yesterday.

So I did an hour on the spin bike at the work gym. … Continue reading

Planning can take away stress

I had dinner tonight with my good friends Alicia and Sue to celebrate Alicia’s birthday.

Eating out can be tricky when trying to eat healthy. If the menu of the restaurant I am going to is online I will view it ahead of time to get an idea of what I want. That can take a lot of the stress out ordering and eating.

The three of us met at Townhouse in Emeryville. We all like this restaurant. I decided ahead of time that I would have the Grilled Lamb salad with the sauce and dressing on the side.

When I arrived, Alicia and Sue were already there and had ordered an appetizer. So I had a little fried calamari. (Not part of the plan.)

I ordered a glass of wine–part of my plan. And I did have  have the salad, which was delicious.

For dessert I ordered sorbet and had a bite of Sue’s bread pudding and a few bites of Alicia’s mocha brownie thing. Sorbet was part of the plan (the extra bites were not).

So I think I did pretty well. The caloric intake has been very disciplined this week.

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A good night’s sleep …

As for most or all people, sleep is important. It definitely is for me. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep well. A good night of sleep for me is only waking up two or three times during the night.

Right now for some reason I am in my bad cycle of sleep. This means I wake up 10ish times a night and sometimes when I wake up I can’t fall back asleep immediately. I usually end up in the spare room at some point and sack out on the futon.

I almost never have a hard time falling asleep. I do that great. It’s the waking up all hours of the night that is tough on me.

Now that I get up at 5 a.m. for work, sleep seems even more important. I am not super happy if I don’t get enough. I try to go to bed between 9 and 10 p.m. But really I prefer between 9 and 9:30.

I remember hearing that sleep-deprived people tend to eat more. This article, Why a Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat and How to Keep From Gaining Weight, from Health.com talks about how lack of sleep can alter your appetite.

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