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Making my own brunch

Sometime back Curt and I were watching the Food Network and a restaurant that was visited had┬áPeanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast on the menu. It looked and sounded so good. I made my own version. For some reason when I came home from the gym today I was craving it. My version is […]

Keeping up with the spin bike

Today was Day No. 21 in a row of me doing some form of exercise. I believe you should take at least one day off each week to break from exercise. I don’t feel like I have been going overboard and I feel good with my workouts. I know Thursday I won’t be hitting the […]

Seasonings save me almost every time

I indulged at lunch today. So I am trying to keep it simple and low calorie for dinner. For dinner tonight, I am having “tuna salad.” Some Spring Mix Greens went on a plate. In a separate bowl I dumped a can of light drained tuna, which was stored in water, not oil. In the […]

Sweaty Friday evening & Saturday, Sunday mornings

Since getting back from vacation I got back to my exercise routine pretty quickly. The careful caloric intake came on the following week and I think I have done pretty OK this past week. The past 12 days I have exercised. And I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon, though I am sure something will […]


Today at work we had an early Fourth of July barbecue. As I have been trying to limit my caloric intake and bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work this week I didn’t want to fall off the wagon on Day 4. I brought my own bread. (I have been known to go to […]

Heading back toward healthy lifestyle

Today I got back to a complete healthy lifestyle with exercise as a regular thing and tracking my food again. Since Wednesday I have worked out every day: yoga or spin with a little abs and body conditioning thrown in on Saturday. And today I started tracking my food again. I didn’t weigh myself today […]

Unplanned hiatus is done

Go Fit Girl! was on a mini unplanned hiatus. But no worries. I am back! I have been trying to keep my calories in check. I have been doing OK. Exercise was OK, except for the past three days. But today I started back up with a Hatha Yoga class. And it was a great […]

The Pelvic Pumpkin

Huh? In yoga sometimes the instructor will tell you to imagine certain things are happening with your body. It is hard to describe. Today Baxter had us imagine that our pelvis was a hollowed out pumpkin and then proceeded to tell us that our sacrum was the A section of an audience facing a stage […]

Getting beach ready by tracking food

I have a little more than three weeks until Curt and I head to Barcelona for a a glorious week. So that means I have a little more than three weeks to get back to my goal weight. I have 5 pounds to lose. I would love to also be toned as I will be […]

Exercise is my drug of choice

I saw this on a license plate frame yesterday. It gave me a chuckle. Even though I regularly exercise, exercise is definitely not my drug of choice. Mine is probably alcohol and then high fat, high calorie food. So in the end I need exercise. One of my regular readers and good friends asked if […]