Ordering from the menu can be scary

My co-worker Tony and I try to motivate each other in the exercise/caloric intake category. We share tips and advice whenever we can.

Tony has been doing really well lately when it comes to eating. And his exercise is stellar.

Me not so much. I am doing a little better with the food. But as I type this I am drinking a beer (at least it is Corona light) while watching my Wildcats play (and BEAT) Duke! So a beer is called for. (I have been trying to keep alcohol to weekends. But this is a special occasion.)

Anyway, he came over yesterday to tell me that it was his wife’s birthday and they were going out to dinner to a brewery. So you can figure out the type of food available. Funny thing is, she is pregnant and he is avoiding alcohol.

Tony told me that he remembered my suggestion about looking at the menu ahead of time to figure out what you wanted to order. He printed out the online menu and asked me what I would order. I looked at the menu and told him I would order the portobello mushroom sandwich without the aioli mayo and … Continue reading

Eating, drinking, exercising

I have come to the realization lately that I need to change my eating habits. I haven’t been doing a great job. I am just sucking when it comes to willpower.

I usually do OK in the exercise area. This week I have already worked out five times: yoga; spin; spin; yoga; spin. But it’s the caloric intake I need to get some control over.

I have been eating a little better this week. And without even making a conscious goal I have not had any alcohol during the week this week. I am trying to keep alcohol consumption to the weekends.

I do need to lose a few pounds to get back to my goal weight, which has been something I have been needing to get back to for some time now.

Next weekend Curt and I are going to Vegas and I do plan to eat and drink whatever I want. But once I return I need to get back on track and lose some weight.

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Starting off the new year right

Yesterday I attended a two-hour yoga workshop. It was refreshing and freeing and a great workout. It was a great way to start the new year and end the last year.

Today I attended my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. That class is always an amazing cardio workout.

Last week I decided I seriously need to make a change with my caloric intake. I know I have gained weight. I am not sure how much.

Last week I was home visiting family, eating lots of homecooked Mexican food and then spent a few days in San Diego eating every meal out and not healthy.

When I lost weight many years ago I lost weight over the holidays. So I really have no excuses. I need to get back to my goal weight. And that’s that.

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Stress eating

Today was a stressful day on a few levels.

As I stated yesterday I am not hitting the gym this week in the hopes I take it easy I feel better quicker. But that also means I have to be much more careful in the caloric intake department.

Things were going well until this afternoon. Even my visit to Starbucks was decent with a light Caramel Frappuccino. But after that I just needed to much. And at one point I even attacked my candy bowl.

OK, well, that stuff happens and I am not gonna beat myself up over it. The first slip-up since I started counting points again. I think I am in Week 4 of tracking food.

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Candy bowl restocked

I have had a candy bowl at my desk for about five years. It started one Halloween when we lived in Berkeley and I figured we would have a ton of kids so I got lots of candy. We didn’t.

Co-workers love it and that is really why I have it.

Lately the candy bowl has been a huge distraction in regards to my limited calorie intake and healthy eating. I just couldn’t fill it … otherwise I would just eat all the candy.

Lately I have felt once I start I just can’t stop. So my solution was to stop stocking the bowl.

Yesterday when I was at the grocery I told myself I was ready to restock the bowl. So I got some candy and today I dumped it into the bowl. I never felt any craving for chocolate–and peanut butter cups are my absolute fave. I just told myself what my goal is right now–to get back to my goal weight. I don’t want to fall back into my bad habits of stuffing my face with crap, especially when I am stressed, overwhelmed or upset.

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Apparently healthy living works

So I know I did well last week with the caloric intake and the exercise.

But I am skeptical that I actually lost 7 pounds in one week. But according to the doctor-like scale at the gym I am minus  7 pounds from a week ago.

Maybe I was bloated last week or retaining water. Maybe I was dehydrated today–but that is seriously unlikely since I suck down water like it is going out of style.

Not that I am not excited for the weight loss. I am. I just am not sure it was really 7 pounds. We will see what weigh-in says next Monday.

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Unhealthy week

This past week has been tough in so many ways. As you know my past weekend was full of eating lots of delicious and unhealthy food, drinking and no exercise.

My work week was extremely busy. I did not exercise, I ate horribly and probably drank a little more than I should.

Work is going to continue to be busy. But I somehow have to get the exercise in and not eat crap.

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2 daiquiris, 3 beers and a Bloody Mary

And that was just today.

I spent the past three days in Tucson. When I arrived Friday night there was an eegee’s slushie drink waiting for me in the car. I can’t think of a better way to arrive in Tucson. Well, having my mom meet me at baggage claim was pretty awesome, too.

When I got to my mom’s she asked if I was hungry. So she heated me up a few green corn tamales in the microwave. Oh, so yummy and so bad for you and me.

The following morning my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for breakfast. We had chorizo, menudo and Mexican pastries. All delicious and all NOT healthy. After that a visit to Grandma’s and a beer. Then back to Mom and Fred’s for some lounging and wine and cheese and bread. Then to my friend Shelly’s for a barbecue. Then to dinner with my mom, stepdad, brother, his girlfriend, along with a glass of wine and some pizza.

Sunday morning eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. Then I headed to my grandpa’s for a visit and a beer. After that another visit to my grandma’s, where I was … Continue reading

Does my butt look fat?

I am a stress eater. I like food. I like junk food.

I have been going to the gym about four times a week lately (my goal is always six). Last week I went to the gym once, not so great. So exercise time is decent.

What is not decent is what I am eating. I seem to find more and more excuses for what I put in my mouth. I have a candy bowl at my desk. I used to never take anything out of it. I have it for others. But lately I feel the need to eat all the mini peanut butter cups.

I will have already eaten my lunch at work and then word gets out that some meeting just ended and there is free food left over. I have to at least go look, right?

I am heading to Tucson tomorrow to visit my mom and family. Chorizo and menudo are already planned for Saturday’s breakfast. Oh man, I love that stuff. This will not be a healthy eating weekend. And I have to hit eegee’s (a sandwich shop only in Tucson, which also has these amazing slushie drinks) at least once for my strawberry eegee drink.

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Noon spin class

I attended the noon spin class today at the gym. Sometimes it is difficult to get to the gym in the middle of the day. But once I am there and especially after class I feel great.

The Thursday evening class is now at 5:30–which is a little difficult for me to get to. A kickboxing class has started (or maybe it has already started) up again at 7 p.m. on Thursdays. I may try that class in a few weeks–give myself some variety–spin, Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, etc.

The whole month of July has been a challenge in the exercise and caloric intake departments. But so far I have made it to the gym at least four times in a week. Not too bad. I don’t even want to think about what I have been eating.

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