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Ordering from the menu can be scary

My co-worker Tony and I try to motivate each other in the exercise/caloric intake category. We share tips and advice whenever we can. Tony has been doing really well lately when it comes to eating. And his exercise is stellar. Me not so much. I am doing a little better with the food. But as […]

Eating, drinking, exercising

I have come to the realization lately that I need to change my eating habits. I haven’t been doing a great job. I am just sucking when it comes to willpower. I usually do OK in the exercise area. This week I have already worked out five times: yoga; spin; spin; yoga; spin. But it’s […]

Starting off the new year right

Yesterday I attended a two-hour yoga workshop. It was refreshing and freeing and a great workout. It was a great way to start the new year and end the last year. Today I attended my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. That class is always an amazing cardio workout. Last week I decided I seriously need to […]

Stress eating

Today was a stressful day on a few levels. As I stated yesterday I am not hitting the gym this week in the hopes I take it easy I feel better quicker. But that also means I have to be much more careful in the caloric intake department. Things were going well until this afternoon. […]

Candy bowl restocked

I have had a candy bowl at my desk for about five years. It started one Halloween when we lived in Berkeley and I figured we would have a ton of kids so I got lots of candy. We didn’t. Co-workers love it and that is really why I have it. Lately the candy bowl […]

Apparently healthy living works

So I know I did well last week with the caloric intake and the exercise. But I am skeptical that I actually lost 7 pounds in one week. But according to the doctor-like scale at the gym I am minus  7 pounds from a week ago. Maybe I was bloated last week or retaining water. […]

Unhealthy week

This past week has been tough in so many ways. As you know my past weekend was full of eating lots of delicious and unhealthy food, drinking and no exercise. My work week was extremely busy. I did not exercise, I ate horribly and probably drank a little more than I should. Work is going […]

2 daiquiris, 3 beers and a Bloody Mary

And that was just today. I spent the past three days in Tucson. When I arrived Friday night there was an eegee’s slushie drink waiting for me in the car. I can’t think of a better way to arrive in Tucson. Well, having my mom meet me at baggage claim was pretty awesome, too. When […]

Does my butt look fat?

I am a stress eater. I like food. I like junk food. I have been going to the gym about four times a week lately (my goal is always six). Last week I went to the gym once, not so great. So exercise time is decent. What is not decent is what I am eating. I seem […]

Noon spin class

I attended the noon spin class today at the gym. Sometimes it is difficult to get to the gym in the middle of the day. But once I am there and especially after class I feel great. The Thursday evening class is now at 5:30–which is a little difficult for me to get to. A […]