Getting back to healthy lifestyle feels good

Last Monday I put myself back on plan.

Back to my healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, eating better and tracking food/exercise.

And I have to say I feel so much better maintaining a healthy lifestyle than that month that I just went nuts. I felt tired and just crappy.

I still feel tired and crappy, but in a different way. Does that make any sense?

Last week was probably one of the toughest weeks to start back on the healthy plan AND try to lose weight.

Even though I have had many challenges this past week: two lunches out; dinner out; drinks one night, which turned into a light dinner; home cooked meal by an amazing friend; cruddy and busy week at work I still managed to get my regular exercise in and keep my calories in check.

AND the best part was I lost weight. I am back on track to get to my goal weight again.

As I have said before: If you have the tools and knowledge and you want to lose weight you will. If you don’t want to lose weight you won’t. I know it doesn’t seem that simple at times but really it is.

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Magic No. 22

I worked out 22 days in a row. Mostly doing spin or yoga with a little abs and weights sprinkled in.
I am taking today off from exercise. Our friends Ken and Karen are in town for one night only.
So instead of burning calories I will be ingesting many via pasta and some wine.


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A food intervention has begun

My caloric intake has been out of control lately. I have got to stop eating the way I have been lately or I am gonna have to buy bigger pants. And I don’t want that. (There has been lots of eating out, lots of bad food choices.)

So today I got back to healthier and much more “normal” eating. No high calorie snacks or meals. I did hit Starbucks for a Caramel Light Frappuccino. But that was my only splurge for the day.

Also today I hit the noon spin class. Mondays are always tough. But taking a break to exercise and build some endorphins is always a good thing.

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July will be no June

Two days into July and no workouts. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal. But many challenges are already waiting for me. Out of town one weekend, visitors here two different weekends.

And I don’t even want to get started on the caloric intake department. Hasn’t been so awesome lately. And being out of town and having visitors also means eating out a lot.

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