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Soaking up the sun

Last week¬†I was walking up to one of my classes where students were waiting for the previous class to get finished so we could practice yoga. One student looked at me and said something to the effect that I looked happy and smiling. I said, it’s the sun! We are transitioning into Spring. Last week […]

Kid cares with (hot) chocolate

A former colleague of Curt’s has two family members battling cancer. He also has a daughter. His daughter, who is 7, has decided to do something. She lives in New Jersey and is setting up a hot chocolate stand this Sunday to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer, which¬†allocates 100% of the funds raised […]

Take Them a Meal

I feel like cancer is affecting so many people I know and care about. One of my friends, who is younger than I am, is battling testicular caner. I think we can all agree that cancer just sucks! My friend lives in Oregon. Curt and I are showing support as much as we can even […]

Dealing with grief

We don’t get over our grief, we change our relationship to it.- Lyn Prashant Life is suffering, the Buddha says, and even if you’re not given to abstractions it’s easy to see that life can be hard. The added strain of a major loss can make your world unremittingly bleak. Over the weekend my friend/co-worker/leader […]

Research, fact check, be informed … and vote

I am a non-party Liberal. When I first registered to vote at 18 in Tucson, Ariz. I registered Democrat. Once I become a journalist I changed my party affiliation. I decided to stay non-party once I left the journalism world. I identify more as a Liberal than as a Democrat. I vote Democratic because really […]

It’s all for the patients

As a real full-fledged grownup (though I really still feel like a kid most of the time) I have worked for only two companies: Gannett and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. I worked in newspapers (Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore. and The Arizona Republic in Phoenix) for seven years as an editor. A little more than seven years […]

Being grateful

I work for a pharmaceuticals company. One which focuses on developing therapies for the treatment of cancer. In the almost seven years that I have worked there I have learned so much. My focus has always been in the Legal department. I went from being a temp to an admin to a patent administrator to […]