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Handing out Peanut Butter Energy Balls

I made a second batch of Peanut Butter Energy Balls on Friday. I used the ground flaxseed, which the recipe called for, instead of sesame seeds I used last week. And I have to say, this second batch is much tastier than the first. I also added a little more peanut butter. I actually made two […]

Milk+cold congestion=bad idea

Last week I had eaten Honey Nut Cheerios dry. On Friday I wanted them with milk. I wanted cereal so much. I decided to have them with milk. Ugh, bad idea. Soon after my congestion increased for the rest of the day. Today I wanted Raisin Bran. So I bought soy milk at the grocery. […]

I am loving Fiber One and blueberries

The other night I wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. I was looking in the pantry and I saw that I had some Fiber One Original cereal. I grabbed that and added some blueberries that I had bought to add to my homemade smoothies. I had that for breakfast yesterday, today and for a […]