Chair online yoga with Ann

During Portland’s last snowstorm I knew I would have many classes canceled.

We’ve had several snowstorms/ice storms since December that it’s difficult to keep track.

But one of the more major ones in December had me going stir crazy. I knew I couldn’t just binge watch TV during another–and yes there was another and another …

In mid-January I decided that each day I was snowed in I would film a different online yoga class.

I did a basics yoga class, which you can find here. Then I got sick and didn’t tape any more.

I had some time on Friday to experiment with a chair yoga online class, which can be found here.

Both online classes can also be found if you click My Classes tab.

I don’t teach gentle or chair yoga classes. But I have enough knowledge to experiment. My students range from beginner to injured to in their 20s to their 70s (sometimes I even teach kids) to very flexible to very inflexible to practicing once a week to practicing almost every day to being a yoga teacher to someone who has a regular home practice to someone who is intermediate or advanced.

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It’s go time

The Husband and I are traveling to Tucson for Christmas … by car.

We decided to drive as it is expensive to fly to Tucson and even more so for Christmas. We will need a car while in Tucson and for the second part of our trip to San Diego.

I am not a huge fan of long car rides. I have some back issues and sitting for a long period of time can be quite uncomfortable for my lower back. But I think Curt will be doing the majority of the driving, which means I can shift around a little more and my back should get some relief.

I plan to try out working on the chair yoga mini sequence, which Baxter has recommended and wrote about on his blog (along with others) Yoga for Healthy Aging.

So that should hopefully help with my back issues. And I am sure a few stops to stretch out my back will also help.

My other challenge/issue is my water intake. I normally drink a lot of water. But when you drink a lot of water you also have to pee a lot. We can’t possibly stop every 30 minutes for me … Continue reading

Is yoga possible while 30,000 feet in the air?

I flew out to Charlotte on Friday.

I can experience lower back pain, especially when sitting or standing for a long period of time. So sitting on a plane is not always pleasant for me.

Almost immediately into my roughly 5-hour flight to the East Coast my lower back started to ache.

Once I was no longer sleeping I used my neck pillow as lumbar support and that seemed to help ease the discomfort.

I was kicking myself (well, not literally, because really I could only kick the seat in front of me and that person would not be happy) for not reading Baxter’s post on chair yoga, which he wrote for the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog.

I have now reviewed the post and think some of the poses are going to be more difficult in a small, cramped coach seat on a plane.

But I think some are definitely possible. Such as Chair Cat; Chair Twist; Supported Forward Bend. Chair Seated Forward Bend/Hip Opener and Chair Backbend might be doable, but just a little more difficult as the yogi would need a little more space, especially in the seated forward bend.

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