Small break from clean eating

When one tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle there are always bumps in the road.

Last night one of our law firms took my boss who is about to retire (have I mentioned that yet? That’s one of the BIG changes going on at work and in my life. He has been my boss for almost eight years) and our team out to dinner.

I looked at the menu ahead of time online. I do this often to find something to pick out and be ready to order when the time comes. This helps to already have a decision made and not be swayed by other items or even the specials or what others may be ordering. My mind is made up.

But the menu didn’t have a lot of plates and was more of an hors d’oeuvres kind of place.

So what I decided last night as I was looking at the amazing cheese and meat plates and ham hock sliders and empanadas and the delicious wine that was being poured that I would just go with it.

Eat the cheese, drink the wine, dabble in the desserts. And get back to healthy eating today, which is what I did (for … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to indulge

And my crazy December really kicks in. The first week was relatively calm.

Today Curt and I are hosting a little gathering with a few friends called Cheesemas. We eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies. The first movie stars Rob Lowe called The Christmas Shoes. We ALWAYS watch it. The commentary is what makes our gathering a little raunchy. You have to have a wicked sense of humor to stomach most of it.

Anyway, there is a lot of cheese eating and drinking and a good time.

Then next week the challenges really kick into full swing with two work dinners, a work White Elephant lunch and a cocktail party over the weekend.

Monday night is our team holiday dinner. It will be at a nice restaurant with good food and wine. And that also means I will miss my regular gym class. I initially decided it would be OK for me to miss the gym as long as I make it to the gym 3-4 times this coming week I will meet the December Monthly Challenge.

But then I realized that there was no reason I couldn’t exercise at the gym on site. I haven’t decided if … Continue reading

Tips on forming good, healthy habits

A friend recently asked me if I had any tips on how to eat healthier. She may regret that she asked.

Just a reminder to my readers … I am not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer. This post and all of my posts are based on personal experience and my own research.

So here we go:

It takes time to break old habits and form new good habits.

Drink lots of water. I try to drink at least 64 oz. of water a day. Yes, you will pee a lot. But that’s the point. You are cleansing yourself.

I recommend keeping a food journal. My weight loss and healthy eating is most successful when I am tracking my food. I am not saying you have to join Weight Watchers. Though if you are asking for advice on losing weight I would definitely recommend WW. Regardless the food journal keeps you honest, accountable and makes you aware of what you are putting in your mouth.

Always eat breakfast. Eat something that will keep you full and satisfied. High protein and fiber foods keep you feeling full longer. My regular breakfasts are: oatmeal with fruit; Kashi cereal; Sara Lee Delightful bread … Continue reading

Power of the protein

As I have been focusing on healthy eating (and losing a little weight) I have also been focusing on making sure I get protein into my diet, thanks to my friend Gail.

Gail has asked me, where’s your protein when I post something on Facebook that I am eating. So this got me thinking more about protein and adjusting my diet to make sure I am eating it daily.

So, of course, I had do some research and share what I find with my readers.

Protein, which contains important nutrients, keeps you feeling fuller. This is definitely something important when you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight.

I recently started back on Weight Watchers. The way the points are calculated have changed. Protein is now a factor in calculating Points Plus. (Calories are out and carbohydrates are in. Fiber and Fat are still factors.)

This WebMD article states: A study, reported in the Journal of Nutrition, showed that a high-protein diet combined with exercise enhanced weight and fat loss and improved blood fat levels.

Protein is a macronutrient that is essential for maintaining the healthy function of all of your organ systems, and ensuring that your diet includes adequate protein intake … Continue reading

Tiny bites and tiny spoons

For many years I have had a candy bowl on my desk at work.

There are times it is very tempting to me and I feel like I can’t stop eating from it. Most of the time I find if I don’t start I am OK. Other times it is not tempting to me at all whatsoever.

Today I had one tiny Baby Ruth. I told myself I could have one. I ate the tiny candy with tiny bites to make it last longer. It seemed to satisfy my need for chocolate and I wasn’t tempted to eat more.

One of my co-workers came over this afternoon to get some chocolate.

I told her how I ate one with tiny bites. She told me she heard some super model talking about how she kept her weight down. Apparently one of her tricks was to use a tiny spoon to eat ice cream. My co-worker tried it and she said it worked.

It likely gives her brain time to realize the sweet tooth has been satisfied. That likely worked when I took my tiny Baby Ruth bites.

I mentioned one of the tips I learned in Weight Watchers was to use … Continue reading

Cheese, glorious cheese


Sometime last week I decided to put myself through a cheese intervention.

Yup, the cheese eating has gotten out of control. I love cheese. I love hard cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese, strong cheese, mild cheese, fake cheese. You get the idea.

At work, one of the snacks offered are Babybel cheese: Gouda, Bonbel, Original and Light. They are way to easy to eat and delicious and easy to grab one or two or three …

Last week when I realized I needed to stop eating so much cheese I would only have one or two Lights a day. (If I do cardio I need some protein on the shuttle bus ride home.) It was under control last week.

I don’t know what happened this week. But the cheese eating definitely increased.

The Laughing Cow also makes cheese wedges. The light wedges are only 35 calories. (The Light Baybel is 50 calories.) The wedges can be eaten alone, spread on a cracker or even melted into a meal. We have the wedges in our on refrigerator at home.

I do pack my lunches almost every day and include healthy … Continue reading

2 daiquiris, 3 beers and a Bloody Mary

And that was just today.

I spent the past three days in Tucson. When I arrived Friday night there was an eegee’s slushie drink waiting for me in the car. I can’t think of a better way to arrive in Tucson. Well, having my mom meet me at baggage claim was pretty awesome, too.

When I got to my mom’s she asked if I was hungry. So she heated me up a few green corn tamales in the microwave. Oh, so yummy and so bad for you and me.

The following morning my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for breakfast. We had chorizo, menudo and Mexican pastries. All delicious and all NOT healthy. After that a visit to Grandma’s and a beer. Then back to Mom and Fred’s for some lounging and wine and cheese and bread. Then to my friend Shelly’s for a barbecue. Then to dinner with my mom, stepdad, brother, his girlfriend, along with a glass of wine and some pizza.

Sunday morning eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. Then I headed to my grandpa’s for a visit and a beer. After that another visit to my grandma’s, where I was … Continue reading

Yummy, cool, refreshing low-calorie snack/dessert

Usually after dinner or sometime in the evening Curt and I like to have “an ice cream.”

We normally buy the Skinny Cows no sugar added, which are pretty yummy and pretty good when it comes to calories, fat and they actually have fiber.

I am trying to minimize my dairy intake, which is really tough. But I think I may be lactose intolerant. I haven’t completely eliminated. I mean, I love cheese!

Anyway, I recently started buying (for myself) Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. The “regular” small ones in the variety pack are 60 calories. Last week when I was at the grocery I noticed they also had the fruit bars with no sugar added. I decided to try them. They are still pretty tasty and satisfy my sweet treat at night with 25 calories (according to the box) and 30 calories according to the Web site.

And I could have sworn the others I had were 45 calories on the box. But the Web site says 60. Oh well, either way they are decent in the calorie count and are a nice treat whenever you want.

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Not back on track

So my goal was to get back on track with eating more healthy and getting back on my workout schedule.

Last Monday (Jan. 26) I didn’t have a chance to hit the gym. But I worked out on my mini stair stepper once I got home from work. Did that for a half an hour. Then did crunches, leg lifts, etc. I felt really good afterward.

Then about 9:30 one side of my throat was sore. I went to bed soon after and when I woke up in the middle of the night my whole throat was sore.

Tuesday went into work but felt awful: chills, achy, congested, sore throat, exhausted. So went home early. Wednesday I would have called in. But there was a meeting I didn’t want to miss. So went in for that and then left early again.

My cold is much better. I am still congested and the cold has now moved to my chest. I was hoping to go back to yoga today. But I still felt too crappy for that.

Since I have been sick I have really toned down my dairy intake. And I have to say I feel … Continue reading

It has been way too long

Wow, sorry that I haven’t updated in more than a month.
Did a lot of traveling in November–Missouri to see Curt’s family and then New Orleans with a girlfriend on a kinda last-minute trip. Then it was Thanksgiving …
I have been pretty good with keeping up with my working out even during hectic times. Of course, not as much as I would like–but still pretty regular at the gym.
At the beginning of December I went back on the WW plan and lost 2.4 pounds in a week. It works if you stay on plan. The following weekend of my wonderful weight loss I had three parties, work holiday party, Monica’s cocktail party and then Curt and I hosted Cheesemas 2008–where you eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies starring Rob Lowe. 🙂 So I pretty much threw WW plan out the window. Now I am just trying to maintain. I will be back on a much more rigorous plan in the new year. But I am doing OK maintaining right now. And that is about all I can ask for.
Yesterday I had my regular Saturday with two hours at the gym: spin; abs/core; … Continue reading