Let the cleanse begin

I recently signed up for a 7-day super cleanse with Lory Benson Pilates.  The cleanse actually started on January 14. But the timing wasn’t right for me. I needed a time where I knew I could dedicate seven days to this green smoothie cleanse.

So I start the cleanse today. Today and tomorrow I will substitute one meal with a green smoothie. I have decided to have the smoothies for breakfast. Last night I made smoothies for today and tomorrow. I had a quick taste of each and they tasted pretty good.

The amount of smoothie seems like a lot of stuff to drink. But they are supposed to be filing. This cleanse focuses on green smoothies and raw food. A green smoothie’s two main ingredients are greens and fruit.

I plan to write updates on my cleanse throughout the week. Not sure if I will write about it every day. I hope to make it through the full seven days. Days 3 through 7 I will have three green smoothies a day. If I can’t drink three smoothies a day for five days I will try to do one or two. I will just try to do my best. It’s all … Continue reading

Trying to de-clutter my life

I recently signed up for a super cleanse with Lory Benson Pilates, which started yesterday. I haven’t actually started the green smoothie cleanse as the timing isn’t quite right for me. But before the end of this month I plan to imbibe in some fruit and veggie smoothies.

The seven-day cleanse is about de-cluttering physically, mentally and your surroundings.

Because the cleanse technically started yesterday Lory is sending out daily e-mails. Her encouragement and advice on our de-cluttering in all aspects is really great, motivating and inspiring.

Yesterday and today Lory has been giving advice on how to de-clutter our surroundings. I am totally excited and motivated to do this. I had planned to attack my closet and our spare room/office over the week off between Christmas and New Year’s and then I got a cold. So nothing was taken care of then.

We have friends visiting in March. So that gives me a goal and deadline to have the spare room in tip top shape followed by the rest of the house.

This morning I attacked the kitchen. I cleaned the top of the fridge, inside it, outside of it; moved on to pots and pans; various drawers, … Continue reading