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The amazing vinegar

Vinegar is an amazing ingredient. I love it with my balsamic over my salads, in my Tabasco to spice things up, a dash of it in a family salsa recipe … Vinegar can also be used as a household helper. I have used it to kill weeds, when I was in college I worked at […]

And the latest Go Fit Girl! winner is …

… Nicole! Thanks to Nicole and Alicia for their great comments. I loved what you both wrote and am thankful for you both taking the time to comment. Especially Nicole!  I mean, wowza. I love the idea of setting the timer for 5 minutes and getting the whole family to do a quick pick up. […]

Staying healthy during cold, flu season

Flu and cold season is upon us. I got my flu shot at the end of September. My company provides a free flu shot clinic every September/October. I know there are people out there who refuse to get a shot or don’t believe in them. OK, that’s fine. Here are my tips–for those who get flu […]

Getting the stink out of my yoga mat

Recently in yoga as I was lying on my stomach with my forehead to my mat I noticed that it didn’t smell so great. I hate to admit this, but I am pretty sure I have never washed it. I should at least use some disinfectant wipes on it. Which I, of course, never think […]