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Comment Contest Tuesday: Challenge Go Fit Girl!

I was thinking about this month’s Monthly Challenge and how I am not super jazzed about it. And based on the participation and minimal updates I am guessing GFG! readers feel the same way. It’s difficult to come up with exciting challenges for exercise and nutrition every single month, which I have been doing for […]

Are you inspired by Go Fit Girl!?

Recently I debated if I should keep up with the Go Fit Girl! blog. It’s a decent amount of work. I consider it my second job, which I don’t get paid for, and it is rather time-consuming. I do enjoy maintaining it and doing the research and learning things and sharing it all with my […]

Go Fit Girl! wants to hear from her readers

I have asked my readers what they think of the new look of the blog. And I haven’t gotten a lot of responses. I know bribery works. So let’s have a Comment Contest Tuesday to get the comments flowing. Tell me what you like about the new look, maybe things you don’t like. Was there […]

And the Go Fit Girl! winner is …

… Jessica. Thank you to everyone for the awesome and great comments for the latest Comment Contest Tuesday. I really enjoyed reading them. And from what it seems you all enjoyed writing them. I am very intrigued by the comfier yet still stylish heels that were mentioned numerous times. I plan on looking into them. […]

Go Fit Girl! drawing winner is …

Jen! Thanks to all of you who commented on Comment Contest Tuesday. I appreciate all the comments and my readers and the support you all give to Go Fit Girl! I even had someone comment who I don’t know. So word is getting out. That’s great. Jen has been an amazing friend, supporter and advocate. […]

And the Go Fit Girl! / Go Fit Boy! award goes to …

… Jen F. Woot-woot! Thank you for all of the entries. They were all different and fun and cool and great. I really enjoyed reading them and seeing the comments. (All those who commented were thrown into a hat and a random person was drawn. And Jen was that random person.) Oh, and what does […]

Now you take a crack at it …

Today I am posting a twist to Guest Post Tuesday: Comment Contest Tuesday. It is your turn to be a Go Fit Girl! or Go Fit Boy! for a comment. You don’t even have to write a guest post. Your comment can be simple or complex. For example: I love ice cream!; I have abs […]

Feedback please

OK, so this blog has been up for a few weeks. So I want some feeback from my readers. What do you think of this blog–seriously? If you have something negative to say, please do, just be nice. 🙂 What do you want to see more of, less of? Is there something in particular you […]