Lessons from an almost 4-year-old

In September last year (2017) a friend from the Bay Area was visiting with his almost 4-year-old (who is now 4!).

Our little friend has been practicing yoga for some time now at her day care. She loves it.

When she comes to visit she gets excited to see my yoga props and asks if she can use them. Of course!

I have a singing bowl that I use and play in my yoga classes. The bowl was sitting on a shelf and she was playing with it.

Think about how an almost 4-year-old would bang (or I mean, play) the singing bowl … She was banging the striker (wooden stick) against it and not holding it in a proper way.

I asked her if she could please play it “this way.” And I showed her how I wanted her to play the bowl.

She responded: Well, my yoga teacher has one of these and this is how she plays it.

I responded: I understand that. But this is my bowl and I am asking … Continue reading