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Wardrobe culture of public transport

On Tuesday¬†and yesterday¬†I took public transport to work: BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The Bay Area’s version of a subway. Normally I drive to a parking area close to my house and jump on a shuttle, which takes us the rest of the roughly 20 miles to work. But the shuttle schedule recently changed, which […]

I need my routine!

The lack of posts have to do with many things going on in my life. Nothing major. Don’t freak out. It’s just life. Today I am going to talk about the BART strike, which is drastically affecting my life even though I don’t actually take BART to work. (For those of you who don’t know, […]

Flexible schedule keeps employees happy

Yahoo’s CEO has announced that employees will no longer be able to work remotely. A major uproar seems to be coming from working parents, especially mothers. Not to discount parents at all, but I am not a parent. And personally for me if this was announced at my place of work I would be unhappy […]

A year ago today …

A year ago today my life changed. A year ago my company moved from Emeryville to South San Francisco.   That move changed my life in many ways. I am surprised I have lasted a year but then I am not surprised. Is that weird? I now get up for work at 5:30 a.m. Something […]

Commute is screwing with my exercise routine

It has only been three days since I have been a commuter. And I realize I need to give it a little time. But my routine is all out of whack. I either arrive too late or too early for a class. Monday I arrived in Emeryville about 6:30 p.m., which was about 15 minutes […]