Being aware of trivial complaints is half the battle

One of the challenges in this month’s Go Fit Girl!’s January Monthly Challenge is to try to go one day with no complaining.

This one is definitely a tough one. I have had discussions with others on this one. And there has been some discussion on the Facebook event page.

But I think it is open to interpretation.

I also think that if we are just made more aware of what we are bitching and moaning about then it’s a win.

When I complain about a co-worker, is it really about them or me? And is it something that needs to be addressed or is it something that I need to learn to just ignore or not bother wasting energy on?

There are times complaining is needed and necessary.

I don’t want to get extreme. But I think if you have cancer you are allowed to complain about it.

If you and you’re partner had a fight and you need to talk to a friend about it, you should.

I think we all really know when we are just being complainers and when our “complaints” are warranted for conversation.

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