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Making easy, healthy snack at home

My friend and co-worker Regina let me try a homemade Peanut Butter Ball one day on the shuttle on our way home. It was so good. So I asked her for the recipe. I went to the grocery this morning for my regular run and to get the ingredients for the Peanut Butter Balls. I […]

Dancing off those calories

This has been a great long weekend. I took Friday off, giving myself a 4-day weekend instead of a three. Sweet! Friday morning I had a dentist appointment and then took the car in for maintenance. After that the de-cluttering of the spare room/office began. I have worked on this room every day since Friday. […]

Genius in the kitchen?

As Bridget Jones once said: Have a sneaking suspicion … am also something of a genius in the kitchen … So this week I think I have been pretty good with being on a plan to eat healthy and keep up with exercise. I started back at yoga on Monday. Practiced yoga Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday […]

Exercise, vegetables and dancing … oh my!

Sorry for the slacking in blogging. But rest assured I have not been slacking in the exercise or the caloric intake department. Let’s see. What have I been up to since I last blogged on Tuesday … On Wednesday I walked with some co-workers/friends. It was a small group, but we were/are fierce. The walk […]

Planning keeps me on track

This week has been a successful week for me in terms of exercise and healthy eating. And a lot of it has to do with planning. Since I just came off a two-week cold I have been doing less intense yoga this week and no spin until the weekend. I checked out the yoga studio […]

Back to my yoga practice

I was not happy to go to work today. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it was Monday. Maybe because the past few days I slept in rather late for me. But I had quite the attitude today. A little after 4 p.m. I wandered down to the area where we wait for the […]

Cooking in my kitchen

I did a lot of cooking this weekend. Well, a lot for me anyway. Lory Benson Pilates posted a good and easy recipe on Facebook recently. I made the Quick Carrot and Tomato Soup yesterday. It was fairly easy to make and I liked it. For me personally I needed to add some spice to […]

Comment Contest Tuesday … er, Wednesday

      I am reviewing our menu for Thanksgiving and it seems that the only healthy item on the menu is green beans and probably the chicken breast or turkey breast being made and brought by our friends Jim and Jennifer. There will be ham, biscuits and stuffing, well, I am going to attempt […]

Eliminate holiday travel stress

  This time of year gets stressful. Many parties to attend. Travel to visit family or friends. Or family or friends travel to visit you. Shopping. Cooking. End of the year work projects to get complete. Curt and I are eliminating a lot of this time of year stress. We are staying put for both […]

Who is Go Fit Girl!?

Recently a few people have mentioned to me that they didn’t realize the Go Fit Girl! posts I was linking to on Facebook were written by me. I think they just thought I was posting these awesome blog writings from this awesome person known as Go Fit Girl! Well, that is true, right? So for […]