Making easy, healthy snack at home

My friend and co-worker Regina let me try a homemade Peanut Butter Ball one day on the shuttle on our way home. It was so good. So I asked her for the recipe.

I went to the grocery this morning for my regular run and to get the ingredients for the Peanut Butter Balls. I found everything except for the the ground flaxseed.

I really wanted to make the recipe and was not willing to hit another store this morning.

(I hate grocery shopping and had limited time this morning as I had to cook a few things before yoga class.)

So I figured it would be OK to replace the flaxseed with sesame seeds. I like sesame seeds, so I figured it would be OK. (I realize there are likely (yup, according to WebMD) more benefits to using the flaxseed than sesame seeds, such as fiber. But sesame seeds have health benefits, too.

I made my sesame seed Peanut Butter Balls today. And they are pretty good. I may adjust the peanut butter next time and add a little more. But these were super easy to make and a good snack, too.

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Dancing off those calories

This has been a great long weekend.

I took Friday off, giving myself a 4-day weekend instead of a three. Sweet!

Friday morning I had a dentist appointment and then took the car in for maintenance.

After that the de-cluttering of the spare room/office began. I have worked on this room every day since Friday.

I have a lot of shredding to do and a few more things to sort through and Curt has some stuff to go through. But other than that it is nearing completion and the room is starting to look more as it should be and becoming presentable.

On Saturday night our friends Monica and Giovanni hosted Fiesta Italiana. (I know them from spin class at the gym. Over the past year various friends have hosted parties or dinner parties.)

The food was amazing. Oh man, it was so good! Others brought salads and the rest of us made sure we were in good supply of booze. I am always good at supplying booze. Curt and I brought Italian wine and beer.

As with most “spin parties” they turn into a dance party.

So between my two hours at the gym in the morning (spin; abs; … Continue reading

Genius in the kitchen?

As Bridget Jones once said: Have a sneaking suspicion … am also something of a genius in the kitchen …

So this week I think I have been pretty good with being on a plan to eat healthy and keep up with exercise.

I started back at yoga on Monday. Practiced yoga Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Went to the gym today for two hours of spin, abs and body conditioning.

On Thursday I had a work dinner, which consisted of wine, appetizers and an amazing dinner. Probably the only super unhealthy item I had was the delicious mushroom ravioli. Wow, was it good!

Since Thursday was a higher calorie dinner I am trying to be aware and careful for the rest of the week (and I was careful coming up into Thursday).

I had dinner plans with some girlfriends last night. We had Chinese and I knew I could be OK with steamed veggies and brown rice.

For lunch yesterday I was craving something with balsamic vinegar. It’s one of my new “seasoning” obsessions. I found stuff in the fridge: zucchini, green onion, jalapeno and  yellow hot. I cut them all up and mixed with a little olive oil … Continue reading

Exercise, vegetables and dancing … oh my!

Sorry for the slacking in blogging. But rest assured I have not been slacking in the exercise or the caloric intake department.

Let’s see. What have I been up to since I last blogged on Tuesday …

On Wednesday I walked with some co-workers/friends. It was a small group, but we were/are fierce. The walk started off rather cool. But eventually we were warmed up and feeling good. We walked for an hour. And we were faster than last week. In our first 30 minutes we got farther than we did the week before. I kinda dreaded the hour walk. But once we got going I felt great! Wednesday night I went to Baxter’s Hatha yoga class, which was packed.

Thursday my friend/co-worker and I went out to lunch. We had Chinese food. I had a cup of hot and sour soup and steamed veggies over brown rice. I really wanted kung pao chicken, but I refrained. Thursday afternoon I hit the gym at work. I decided to not spin as the seat is jacked up. (The repair guy is coming tomorrow.) So I walked for about 20 minutes on the treadmill and then did weights and abs for about … Continue reading

Planning keeps me on track

This week has been a successful week for me in terms of exercise and healthy eating. And a lot of it has to do with planning.

Since I just came off a two-week cold I have been doing less intense yoga this week and no spin until the weekend. I checked out the yoga studio schedule and planned the classes I would take Monday through Wednesday.

(Normally I have a pretty regular exercise schedule during the week: between yoga at the studio; working out with friends one night a week; spin at the gym; abs and weight classes at the gym; spin and abs and weights at the work gym on my own.)

Because I cooked a few things over the weekend I have had many planned healthy dinners and lunches. They are filling, delicious and good for me. Even my snacks are planned.

I find that planning helps me from straying. I haven’t been tempted by any treats or candy at work this week.

I also haven’t been tempted by the numerous food trucks that come to work. Yesterday the e-mail about the food truck mentioned that there would be extra food (since they ran out last week) and cupcakes … Continue reading

Back to my yoga practice

I was not happy to go to work today. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it was Monday. Maybe because the past few days I slept in rather late for me. But I had quite the attitude today.

A little after 4 p.m. I wandered down to the area where we wait for the work shuttle. Two co-workers were already there and asked if I wanted to ride back to Emeryville with them. (You need at least three in a car to qualify for carpool.) I said sure and the three of us were off. The traffic was light and we got back rather quickly, which meant I ended up at home about 5.

I had plenty of time to get my clothes picked out and ironed for tomorrow. I also had time to pack my lunch for tomorrow and eat an apple without having to scarf it down.

And then I walked to the yoga studio to take 6 p.m. Hatha class with Baxter. It was my first day back to any sort of exercise in two weeks. And Baxter’s class was a great way to kick off my yoga practice and exercise to get me back on … Continue reading

Cooking in my kitchen

I did a lot of cooking this weekend. Well, a lot for me anyway.

Lory Benson Pilates posted a good and easy recipe on Facebook recently. I made the Quick Carrot and Tomato Soup yesterday.

It was fairly easy to make and I liked it. For me personally I needed to add some spice to it. So next time I will likely add at least half a  jalapeno.  I think the next time I have it for a meal I am going to pour it over brown rice.

Today I made Warm Lentil Salad with Roasted Root Veggies, a recipe I found in my Yoga Journal. It came out really yummy. I roasted my veggies a little too long, which means the veggies shrunk a little. But other than that it came out well and tastes delicious and is rather filling.

****Cold update**** My cough is getting better and better every day. The past three nights I have slept through the night without waking up coughing. Good sign! Between the NyQuil, Vick’s VapoRub and my asthma inhaler I am surviving the nights and sleeping rather well.

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Comment Contest Tuesday … er, Wednesday




I am reviewing our menu for Thanksgiving and it seems that the only healthy item on the menu is green beans and probably the chicken breast or turkey breast being made and brought by our friends Jim and Jennifer.

There will be ham, biscuits and stuffing, well, I am going to attempt to make my dad’s stuffing recipe. Keep your fingers crossed for success.

Jim and Jennifer are bringing the poultry, mashed potatoes, pumpkin cheesecake and an appetizer. Our friend David is bringing wine, because according to him we don’t want to eat anything he cooks.

I decided to make this post a special Comment Contest Tuesday on a Wednesday. You can comment from today until tomorrow (Thanksgiving) at noon (my time). Tell me what you are making or eating or not eating. Is anything healthy?

Comment as much as you like. Each individual comment posted will have your name thrown in the drawing twice. So comment away. Same rules as always, comments only in the comments will count. No comments on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. will count.

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Eliminate holiday travel stress


This time of year gets stressful. Many parties to attend. Travel to visit family or friends. Or family or friends travel to visit you. Shopping. Cooking. End of the year work projects to get complete.

Curt and I are eliminating a lot of this time of year stress. We are staying put for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are traveling this week (or at Christmastime) I have some suggestions and tips for you to make it all a little less stressful and hopefully smooth:

Who is Go Fit Girl!?

Recently a few people have mentioned to me that they didn’t realize the Go Fit Girl! posts I was linking to on Facebook were written by me. I think they just thought I was posting these awesome blog writings from this awesome person known as Go Fit Girl! Well, that is true, right?

So for those of you don’t know who I am, here is a little bit about me: Go Fit Girl! aka Ann:

A little more than four years ago I lost 30 pounds.

Most of my life I have been considered “skinny”. (I hate that word.) Once I hit 25 and sat at a desk for 8+ hours a shift I started to develop OA (office ass). (Kate, thanks for that term. I use it often.)

The first 20 pounds I lost were just from counting Points® with Weight Watchers®, which is essentially counting calories. So with reducing my caloric and fat intake I lost weight.

The last 10 pounds lost were with counting Points® and exercise.

I love food. And I live in an amazing part of the U.S. where I can experience all kinds of foods and restaurants. (Like tonight, The Husband and I … Continue reading