Making my own brunch

Sometime back Curt and I were watching the Food Network and a restaurant that was visited had Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast on the menu. It looked and sounded so good. I made my own version.

For some reason when I came home from the gym today I was craving it. My version is much healthier. Probably doesn’t taste as good. But I think it is pretty tasty.

I use Sara Lee Delightfuls bread; crunchy peanut butter (I am normally a creamy girl, but for this recipe crunchy works better); banana; egg whites; fat free milk; and a little cinnamon sprinkled in the egg and milk.

I spray the pan with Pam and cook away. They are easy to make and cook up quickly. Once ready to eat I added a little syrup, though that really isn’t necessary. I use Smucker’s Sugar Free syrup. A serving is 1/4 of a cup. That’s a lot of syrup. I only drizzled a little on mine.

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Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

I left work at about 3:30 today. It was a bad day to have to leave early. But I had an eye appointment.

I was already feeling pretty tired before I left work. Once I have my eyes dilated I can’t do much but watch TV while wearing sunglasses or take a nap. I did both.

Once I finally came around to “making” dinner I wasn’t really in the mood to actually make anything. So it was Raisin Bran for dinner tonight. It was good, filling and not too unhealthy.

Of course, eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns would have been a much yummier breakfast dinner. But like I said, I was in no mood for cooking anything.

That’s one of the benefits of being an adult. If I want I can have cereal or popcorn or even just a glass of wine for dinner.

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Homemade fake cheeseburger

Tonight I made a fake cheeseburger for dinner.

I made one last week, too. It wasn’t exactly a substitute for the real deal, but it was satisfying.

The Boca burger heated up in the oven along with half a potato cut into fries. Once the burger was “ready” I put on a piece of fat free Kraft single cheese slice to melt.

I lightly toasted two pieces of Sara Lee Delightful bread. Once the “bun” and “cheeseburger” were ready I added a little Light Miracle Whip, a little ketchup and Tapatio. I had the burger along with my potato fries, which were seasoned with Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy and pepper.

A low calorie and fairly satisfying meal. I also had a glass of red wine to wash it all down.

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Healthy recipe sharing

Guest Post: Lisa

Lisa shares an easy and healthy soup recipe. I had told Lisa that my garden vegetable soup was good and filling. But it has been getting a little old. So she shared another recipe with me. And now I am sharing it with you. I plan on making it this weekend. (I have no kitchen at the moment since we are in a hotel room in San Diego.)

Note from Lisa: This recipe is really filling, but is probably not too terribly high in calories. The tomatoes are the most calorically dense things in the soup. (Also, I strongly recommend adding some sour cream or yogurt as a garnish — it gives the soup a really substantial feel).


The Description :
This is a chunky soup with a light, fresh taste.

The Recipe:
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Cook Yourself Thin recipe made

Tonight for dinner I made one of the recipes from the Lifetime TV show Cook Yourself Thin.

I made the Easy Herb-Roasted Chicken With Roasted Veggies. I altered the veggies slightly.

I have to say it was really good and filing. Though this wouldn’t be the normal thing I would make for dinner on a week night. I just don’t have time for that. Especially these days with working long hours and also making sure I get my gym time in, which gets much more difficult with long work hours.

I would like to try a recipe from Cook Yourself Thin or Hungry Girl at least once a week, likely Sundays–because I will have the time to cook and experiment.

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Muffin portion control

I watched four episodes of Cook Yourself Thin last night.

There are all kinds of great tips and ideas and recipes to try out. But the one that has been mentioned twice and really stuck with me is when making muffins.

Use an ice cream scooper. This controls the portions and also keep the muffins even. Pretty genuis, eh?

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Cook Yourself Thin

Lifetime TV (one of my favorite channels) started airing a new show last night called Cook Yourself Thin.

Two half an hour episodes aired. They showed real women who were eating way too many calories. They took their favorite foods, such as pizza, lasagna, burger, cupcakes, etc. and showed them a much healthier and tastier way to make the same foods for so many fewer calories and less fat.

And the women lost weight!

I am so getting the cookbook and I love the show.

Check it out. Full episodes online.

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Homemade smoothie

I decided to take a crack at making a healthy smoothie at home.

(Too much of anything can be bad–just an FYI.)

On Saturday I made a simple smoothie. Half a cup of orange juice, half a banana, and not quite a cup of frozen strawberries. Throw all in a blender. Yum!

On Day 2 I made a smoothie with a half cup of orange juice, the other half of the banana, and a cup of fresh strawberries, which I froze. It was harder to blend because of the honker frozen strawberries. But I think the second one was much better.

Frozen or freezing your berries is a great way to keep it thick and cold especially if you don’t have ice. And we never have ice at home–unless we are having a party.

The only negative is that I have to drag out the blender and then wash it.

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Food deceivers

On the Yahoo! homepage there was a link to an article called Surprise Nutritionist No-Nos.

Here is my take on the Top 5 Deceivers:

2% Milk: I am personally not a big milk fan. I really never crave a nice cold class of milk, unless I am having a PB&J or maybe cookies. I do like to eat cereal. So I try to go with 1% or skim. And you don’t really need as much milk as you think. For a cup of cereal I can have 1/2 cup of milk or less.

Whole Wheat Bagels: Apparently you might as well just have a doughnut! A lot of times there are bagels at the office from a breakfast meeting. I either run away from the leftovers or just take half. You think bagels would be healthy. But they are so not!

Chicken Caesar Salad: I do like a Chicken Caesar Salad. But I always ask for dressing on the side. And depending on where I am I may even have my Salad Spritzer Caesar dressing with me. Sometimes I don’t even use dressing. The stuff in the salad is really enough. Or you can also carry in … Continue reading

Yum! Dinner!

I have recently discovered a great frozen shrimp and veggie stir fry at Safeway. Safeway has their Eating Right line of foods, and this is one of them. It comes with a sauce of some sort, which I don’t use.
I am making the veggie stir fry and brown rice for dinner tonight. I spray the frying pan with a little Pam and then throw in the stir fry. I add garlic powder and Weber’s Kick ‘N Chicken.
It is a really filling and delicious meal. Very low in fat and calories. I make this about once a week for dinner.
My dinner is almost ready so I am going to go eat.

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