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Mid-day visit to the gym

I was able to hit the noon spin class today. I have to say if I make the time to leave work it works out really well. I felt so good and ready to take on anything (or just about anything) once I returned to work for the afternoon. As long as I don’t have […]

5 days of being booze free

So the healthy eating has continued into Week 2. And I have been trying to limit the alcohol intake to just weekends. So far so good on that goal. The last adult beverage I had was a glass of wine on Saturday. I haven’t felt that I have encountered any major food obstacles in the […]

Weight loss and fat butts

I did a weigh-in yesterday. Lost 1.6 pounds. I had planned to count my calories the past week but quit after breakfast on Day 1. But I was careful about what I ate and was conscious of my consumption. Apparently that made a difference. (I was surprised, too, since I didn’t get to work out […]