Do you trust yourself?

Tonight in yoga the theme was trust.

There are poses in yoga I don’t trust myself in. Like headstand and handstand.

Years ago one of my yoga teachers told me she thought I was ready to try one of them. And I just didn’t feel ready. And years later I still don’t.

I don’t feel like my arms are strong enough. My core could use some work on being stronger. I don’t trust (there’s that word) my funky shoulder. And frankly, those poses scare me.

(And I have been practicing yoga for about five years.)

Tonight the whole class was a preparation for crane pose, Bakasana.

I trust myself in in this pose. I am OK falling over or not being able to get both of my legs off the floor. But the part I struggle with is really holding my core strong and up.

It is easy to forget that the core and its strength is just as if not more important than the strength of the arms.

Vickie prepared us all class for crane pose. Once we were ready she broke down the pose and had us slowly work into it.

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Balance between effort and ease

That was the theme today in my yoga class.

I hadn’t worked out since Wednesday, with work being so busy and then being out of town. So today seemed a little tougher than usual.

Sarah, the regular Mon/Wed a.m. yoga instructor, was back today after being out for about five weeks.

I don’t have very good balance. But it has been getting better. I have gotten much better at tree pose. But today I just sucked at it! Usually I get frustrated with myself when I can’t hold a balancing pose. But today I really didn’t.

Another pose we did was the dancer pose. I was much better with that one.

And the last pose I want to mention is crane. I have actually done this pose fully before–like once. You have to have a really strong core for this pose.

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