Conserving, preserving water

Normally when I write about water I talk about how we need to make sure we stay hydrated as part of being healthy.

Today’s post is about our responsibility as residents and citizens to protect this precious resource.

I grew up in the desert. So I’ve been mindful my whole life about water waste.

And I just left a state that is in now a drought (California).

Whether we live in the desert, a drought-dried state or in Oregon or Washington state we should be mindful of our water usage.

A friend on Facebook posted the other day that EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District) “says you need to use no more than 35 gallons of water per day per person in your house.”

Curt and I got our water/trash/sewer bill the other day and it made me start thinking about our water usage.

According to the EBMUD website, a Stage 4 critical drought has been declared and a community-wide goal has been set to reduce water use 20% compared to 2013.

The EBMUD website lists mandatory restrictions and other information on how to reduce water usage. And as my friend stated, it also asks that customers strive for 35 … Continue reading