Comment Contest Tuesday

Alright, today’s Comment Contest Tuesday runs in connection with September’s Monthly Challenge.

The Monthly Challenge asks readers to think about the things they don’t have time for (a fitness class, shopping for fresh veggies instead of eating/serving frozen meals, cooking at home regularly, going for nightly walks after dinner, getting up in the morning for a 20-30 minute yoga practice, making it to the gym at least three times a week, going to bed at a regular time, etc.)

This Comment Contest Tuesday, starting today and running through Tuesday, Sept. 17, asks readers to post their challenges and wants and needs. Other readers can suggest ways to achieve these challenges.

For each challenge a reader posts their name will get thrown into a random drawing. For each suggestion to challenge posted, the reader will get their name thrown in a random drawing twice.

This is a two-week long Comment Contest Tuesday, as I want to encourage readers to post their many challenges and for my readers to take the time to come up with solutions for each other.

You have a full two weeks to post challenges and solutions. Every single challenge post gets your name thrown in one … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday

I had promised you an exciting Comment Contest Tuesday. Well, this isn’t the one I promised. Sorry, that awesome one will be coming soon.

But for now you get a different one. (Which I am a little excited about.)

I have been pretty busy lately and I just feel like I can’t get everything done I want to at work and at home. My life feels a little crazed.

So I want to know from my busy readers, how do you do it all? Whether you are a mom or a dad or some sort of caretaker or someone without kids or with grown kids or someone with a lot of responsibility in your life.

How do you get it all done? Or maybe you don’t. What do you sacrifice? Sleep, exercise, eating healthy? Do you have work/life balance?

For me, things around the house can suffer. Or maybe I am so exhausted when I get home that I just have cereal or popcorn for dinner or sometimes I skip dinner (gasp!) or just have a glass of wine (double gasp!!).

I try to catch up on weekends. Or I am so tired from my busy week that I just … Continue reading