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Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo part drie

I have done two reviews in the past on dry shampoos, which you can read here and here. Today I am posting No. 3 (drie in Dutch) review. If you have been a reader of GFG! even for a short period of time you probably know that I have a smell sensitivity. I get what […]

Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo 2

I have mentioned numerous times that I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not as gross as you think. Really. It’s really bad for your hair and scalp to wash it every single day. Because I don’t wash my hair every day in order to keep my hair looking fresh and clean I use […]

Review Wednesday: Dry shampoo

I have talked in the past about how I don’t wash my hair every day. Washing my hair is quite a chore. Plus washing your hair every day is so bad for you hair and scalp. But this post isn’t about why you should or shouldn’t wash your hair every single day. Today I am […]