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Full workout at home

My routine was completely out of whack this week. I got sick on Sunday and even though I felt better on Monday I decided to skip the gym and make sure I was back to healthy. (Plus I had a fever on Sunday, which broke Sunday night or Monday morning, and didn’t want to infect […]

New features on GFG!

  Go Fit Girl! is excited to announce two new features coming to the blog starting this month. GFG! is launching Review Wednesday and Monthly Challenge. Review Wednesday: I will review a product once a month on a Wednesday. If you have suggestions for items you would like me to review I would love to […]

Keeping my wrists safe

About two weeks ago my left wrist hurt. I was careful with it while exercising. After a few days the pain went away. Yesterday my right wrist started to hurt. I can’t figure out what I did to either one to have any pain. I do have some pretty skinny wrists. Maybe it’s all the […]

No Shake Weight* needed

On Yahoo this evening I saw an article on four exercises that can help a woman get sleek, toned arms. In my Saturday body conditioning classes we usually do three out of the four listed. You could do these exercises at the gym or even at home. You just need a pair of dumbells. The […]