Are you prepared in the event of a disaster?

Early this morning a 6.1 earthquake struck the Napa area. Napa is about 40 miles from where I live.

The 6.1 temblor did not wake me (or The Husband) up, which is surprising because of the size and that people living much more south of me felt it. And I usually wake up.

We had no damage whatsoever at our place.

We can’t predict when an earthquake is going to strike next. Being prepared is important.

After Hurricane Katrina, Curt and I were living in the Bay Area and decided to put an emergency disaster kit together.

We have bottled water, canned food, a chemical toilet, hand crank radio, glow sticks, etc. One of our newest items is the Emergency Power Station, which has four functions: flashlight, radio, siren and cell phone charger.

Years ago Curt was out of town and in one night we had two earthquakes. The pictures above our bed are in “fake” frames. No glass. But the other walls in the room have glass frames. I grabbed my Uggs and kept them by the bed.

Someone mentioned to me that they keep a plastic bag under their bed with a few items. So I … Continue reading

Going green by reducing, reusing, recycling

I consider myself environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly. Nothing extreme. I just try to be aware.

When I first moved to Oregon recycling was a big deal. And dividing each item was important as well: cardboard; paper; brown glass; green glass; etc. At the apartment complex I first lived in there were bins for each item. It made it easy to recycle.

When Curt and I first moved to the Phoenix area we lived in a townhouse. There was no recycling onsite. We bought our own bins and recycled glass and cans. About once a month we took all the stuff to a recycling center.

Recycling in Berkeley is pretty strict. Pretty similar to how we had to do it in Oregon.

Curt and I recycle and compost. We also recycle batteries, CFL bulbs, turn in ewaste at designated drop-off locations.

I reuse plastic bags, including the produce bags. When we had Joey all those bags were great for cleaning the litterbox. Now I try to be even more conscious about using reusable bags and reusing the produce bags multiple times.

I carry a Chico bag in my purse in case I have an unexpected shopping trip. The bags … Continue reading