Entering the no candy zone

It has been about 72 hours since I have had a piece of candy. If I had to choose between something sweet or something salty I would go for the salt.

But there are times I just can’t stop eating chocolate, especially if that chocolate has some peanut butter mixed in.

One of my friends/co-workers gave up candy for Lent.  I have a candy bowl on my desk. Last weekend I bought new candy for the bowl as the pickins were slim. I brought the candy in on Wednesday. Another co-worker brought in a HUGE bag of Easter candy for the bowl–almost 4 pounds worth of chocolately goodness.

I had about four pieces of chocolate on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening I was thinking and decided to join my friend in the not eating candy challenge. I am a non-practicing Catholic. I don’t observe Lent.

But I decided to take on the challenge of no candy for 39 days (since I started a day late).

This way we both have support in our challenge. I think we can do it. The challenge isn’t as difficult for me at home as it is as work. My work candy bowl is overflowing … Continue reading