The Pelvic Pumpkin


In yoga sometimes the instructor will tell you to imagine certain things are happening with your body. It is hard to describe.

Today Baxter had us imagine that our pelvis was a hollowed out pumpkin and then proceeded to tell us that our sacrum was the A section of an audience facing a stage and to the left and right of that were the B seats and so on and so forth. Sometimes visualizing helps you to get deeper into your practice or pose.

We held some lunges for quite some time. And man,I could really feel the back of my thighs burning from the endurance ride I had yesterday. I had to back off a couple of times. And Baxter even praised me once for finding and recognizing my edge.

When I came home from yoga tonight The Husband informed me he purchased dinner at Market Hall (gourmet type food in our hood). I asked if it was healthy. And his response was, define healthy. I must not have told him I am being really careful with my caloric intake these days or apparently he doesn’t keep up with Go Fit Girl! as often as … Continue reading

Competitive yoga?

I am not normally a competitive person. (Though get me in a game of Taboo and I get crazy–but that has nothing to do with health or fitness.)

Last Wednesday we had a new guy come to yoga. One of those muscular beefy weight lifter dudes. It is always interesting to see those kind of guys come to yoga and be humbled by it. The “new guy” was there today and last Wednesday morning. For some reason I felt the need to really push myself last week and show him that someone little like me can do these crazy poses and hold them and make it look fairly easy.

Normally my attitude is much different in yoga. I find my edge and back off a little. Yoga does not go with the idea of no pain no gain. It is more about listening to your body. That being said I still wouldn’t do anything that I am not ready for or my body couldn’t handle.

But maybe my leg was on fire, shaking and I was ready to get out of the pose–but I stayed a little longer. Showing off a little. 🙂

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