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Leadership Development for Women

On Thursday and Friday I went to a training in the city: Leadership Development for Women. I believe furthing ourselves with education is important. And lucky for me my company (and old boss) feels the same way. The group of women who attended this training were truly remarkable and amazing people and women. Everyone was […]

Are weight-loss drugs safe?

If diet pills worked wouldn’t we all be skinny? I have always been leery of diet pills. I know as the new year is here some people may be thinking of taking them. Personally I would not take them.┬áBut if you do, please do your research. Some are dangerous. Some have some very serious side […]

Be proud of who you are

As I type this I am sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight from Tucson to Oakland. And I thought I would utilize the free Wi-Fi in the airport to write today’s post. I spent an extra long weekend in Tucson. My 20-year high school reunion took place over the weekend at a beautiful […]