Leadership Development for Women

On Thursday and Friday I went to a training in the city: Leadership Development for Women.

I believe furthing ourselves with education is important. And lucky for me my company (and old boss) feels the same way.

The group of women who attended this training were truly remarkable and amazing people and women. Everyone was strong, smart and determined.

I learned a lot about myself and some of my co-workers. I learned to empower myself (more than I even have recently) and I have figured out to push myself with a friendly competitor.

A description from the course page: This hands-on course shows you how to strategically use your strengths and abilities—your competitive edge—while mastering your emotions in even the most unwelcoming atmosphere.

I am not intentionally giving a plug to the American Management Association. But they do have some good and relevant trainings for just about anyone. I have attended other leadership/management and benefited from them.

But there was something more about this training. It was empowering.

I believe the women attending made the training even more remarkable. Our instructor, Kathryn, was a great asset to the class. We were able to use real life examples and help each … Continue reading

Are weight-loss drugs safe?

If diet pills worked wouldn’t we all be skinny?

I have always been leery of diet pills.

I know as the new year is here some people may be thinking of taking them.

Personally I would not take them. But if you do, please do your research. Some are dangerous. Some have some very serious side effects. And it is questionable if they have long-term effects.

I also would recommend talking to your doctor before taking anything, whether over the counter or prescription. The research I did on a few pills all seemed to agree that they were for people who are obese and should only be taken in the short term.

It’s easy to lose weight quickly, but keeping it off is the real challenge and ultimate goal. And being healthy and maintaing a healthy lifestyle is really what is important.

Most, if not all, weight-loss pills will have in print somewhere that the drug should be combined with exercise and a balanced diet. So in other words, don’t think you can just take the pill and eat and drink whatever you want and stay sedentary and lose weight.

According to WebMD, Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. Phentermine is used in … Continue reading

Be proud of who you are

As I type this I am sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight from Tucson to Oakland. And I thought I would utilize the free Wi-Fi in the airport to write today’s post.

I spent an extra long weekend in Tucson. My 20-year high school reunion took place over the weekend at a beautiful resort called Starr Pass.

I came in a little early to visit family. (Curt joined me on Friday.) Day 1 I saw both sets of parents, my grandpa, my grandma and my brother.

I love my hometown and my home state despite the crazy politics. True Tucsonans aren’t racist and are proud of where they came from.

I hung out with a lot of old friends from various backgrounds. (One of the greatest things about Tucson High Magnet School is the diversity. The opportunities to learn and explore many things from dance, to science, to photography … is absolutely amazing.) A lot of my my friends from high school are Mexican American, like me.

I have always been proud of who I am, what I am and where I came from. (And a lot of that comes from a family with a sense of … Continue reading