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5 visits to the gym

Today is Day 7 of my week. Mondays start over for tracking food and a weigh-in. If I weigh-in on Mondays, which I won’t tomorrow. (Since I won’t be at work.) Sundays are normally my day off from working out. I thought about working out today. But then I decided to sleep in and be […]

Lisa’s workout: Just add water

Guest Post: Lisa I had surgery back in April–doctors went up my nose to remove a benign brain tumor that had been playing merry havoc with everything from my metabolism to my reproductive system–and naturally, there were side effects. Some were unpleasant, like having a stuffy nose and the spins for four solid weeks while my sinuses […]

Elliptical today

So Saturdays are my normal day to work out for two hours: spin; abs/core; body conditioning. When I woke up yesterday morning I was so tired and dehydrated (did some drinking the night before) that I just couldn’t go to the gym. I was only planning on hitting spin because of a wedding Curt and […]

Are you OK, Ann?

So when you haven’t been to spin class in two months the first class can be pretty tough. Hell, that class is always tough for me. Usually when Jennifer, my spin teacher, checks on me, which is almost every class, she comes over to me to ask if I am OK. But not yesterday, she […]

Lazy Christmas morning

I had planned to do some yoga here at home this morning. But I decided to be lazy and enjoy my morning on the computer drinking coffee instead. 🙂 I did go to the gym yesterday after work. I got to the gym about 1 p.m. and pounded away on the elliptical for an hour. […]

Morning cardio workout

I went to the gym this morning before work. I had a meeting at the time of my yoga class. So I made sure I still got in a workout. When the alarm went off at 6:10 I thought there was no way I was getting out of bed. And I didn’t initially. Hit the […]

Working out on my off day

Sundays are my off day from the gym or really from any sort of exercise. But today I went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical. This week is going to be crazy with lots of stuff happening at work, in the evenings personally and with Curt and I traveling to Missouri on […]

Morning cardio workout

I have a lunch date with my friend Mia today. So I will be missing my regular yoga class at 1 p.m. I didn’t want to workout after work because I have stuff to do. So I went this morning. And no, I did not take sunrise spin. I took that class once and I […]

Full-figured my @$$!!!!!!

So today while sweating away while working out hard on the elliptical I was reading an Us Weekly. The one where Christina tells us how she lost her 40 pounds of baby weight in just four months. There was also other info from other celebrities telling us regular folk how they lost their baby weight […]

About a year now

So about a year ago I started working out (first in the gym at work). For a month I walked about 3-4 times a week. Then in April I started the walk/run thing. My goal was to be able to run for 30 mins straight–because it is easy cardio and you can do it anywhere. […]