I earned my beer at the gym

Tonight my friend Monica and I decided to try a class fellow gym friends have been raving about. One of our friends has lost 6 pounds by taking the class, is so much more tone and her booty looks amazing!

This is how the In-Shape City site describes Total Athletic Conditioning: A full body workout with an emphasis on increasing Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Agility and Balance. (50) Minutes of continuous movement with a Sports Conditioning Approach. It’s really 60 minutes and then we stretch.

Wow, talk about an amazing cardio and strength workout. We were drenched in sweat, tired and felt good.

There was a lot of jumping, lunges, weights, squats, kicks …

Tomorrow late morning I have a doctor’s appointment to get some vaccines before we go to Mexico City next month. One of the shots is a tetanus and pertussis shot. So my arm will be sore afterward and I won’t be able to go to my regular Friday night yoga class. I thought about taking the 6:30 a.m. class. Then I looked at the schedule and see that it is the same instructor as tonight and Total Athletic Conditioning. I asked Will about it. He said the … Continue reading

My yoga practice

I write a lot about my yoga practice.

Sometimes my practice is about exercise.

Sometimes it is about connecting deeper with myself.

Sometimes it is about breathing.

Sometimes it is about endurance.

Sometimes it is about remaining calm.

Sometimes it is about getting stronger, physically.

Sometimes it is about taking care of me.

Sometimes it is a combo of these or all of them.

Yesterday in Aviva’s class she talked about focusing on the head, neck and shoulders.

She read us an excerpt, which she will send to me later. Part of it read like this:

Yoga is … wisdom of the mind, will of the heart and skill of the body.

I really like that. And I have really been reflecting on it since she read it yesterday.


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My fitness competitiveness comes out

Sorry that I have been a little absent lately. Work has been nuts. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to come home and do a little work. So really by the time I was done with that I had no interest in blogging. Let’s just say I am glad this week is almost over. I am exhausted.

OK, now on to the real post …

I am not typically a competitive person (except when it comes to playing the game Taboo) and apparently when it comes to the wellness program at work and the ongoing and multiple challenges we have going on.

I am involved in many fitness challenges at the moment.

First the century mile: I have already hit and far exceeded the 100-mile goal. My personal goal is to hit 500 miles by the end date of the challenge. After spinning today I am now at 414 miles with a little more than a week to go.

Second is climb the stairs. The goal to reach each week is to walk the stairs for 25 minutes a week. Another challenge is to add 10 minutes to your exercise three times a week. Originally I didn’t accept this challenge … Continue reading

Did I really burn 900+ calories?


Probably not.

As I researched and wrote in the past, exercise machines really aren’t accurate with how many calories one burns.

I think it gives you a good idea of how hard you are working. I know when I do endurance training on the espinner, which is moderate resistance and moderate speed, I burn fewer calories as the exercise is not as intense.

Today I rode hard and fast with the Race Day workout. Today on the espinner I rode harder and faster than I ever have. And the results definitely show my hard and intense work.

And regardless if I actually burned 900+ calories or not. This is still a new record for me.

And I can definitely feel my workout as I write this. It is only 8 p.m. and I feel like I could hit the sack right now and fall asleep immediately.

I know I will sleep well tonight. I am looking forward to an awesome night of sleep.

Short post tonight so I can finish getting ready for Tuesday and head to bed. Good night.

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Working those guns, endurance and abs … in that order

I went down to the work gym today about 4:15 (later than I wanted, lately something seems to come up at work to push into my exercise time) and the spin bike was being used. First time in about seven months that I have gone down and wanted to use the bike and it wasn’t free.

I decided to reverse my workout and start with arms, then abs and then cardio–if the spin bike became available with enough time to have at least 30 minutes of cardio. And if it wasn’t I would just do an elliptical or treadmill.

As I was finishing working out my arms with some hard core weights (that was a joke) the woman on the espinner was finished with her cardio. Perfect timing.

I jumped on the spin bike and did about 30 minutes of endurance. Once I was done with my cardio I did about 10 minutes of abs.

Then I had about 10 minutes to grab a snack, fill up my water bottle, hit the restroom and jump on the shuttle bus.

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Keeping healthy with flu shot

Yesterday I got my flu shot. My company provides free flu shots every year. And I take advantage.

A couple of years ago the nurse asked me if I worked out. I was flattered. As she was giving me my shot she said it would hurt a little more because of my muscle. Ugh. OK. (Side note: I absolutely hate needles.) At some point she told me that I should avoid exercise for a day or two and let the shot work.

I had planned to do endurance on the spin bike yesterday afternoon. I had a lot to do at work and had to get home early for Joey’s vet appointment. So I ended up not visiting the gym, which was probably best. Plus my arm was pretty sore. It’s still a little sore today. But not too bad.

I did go to yoga this evening. Wednesday nights are usually a little more moderate. We had a sub today and it was even more low key, which was perfect for me. I wanted a little challenge. But I was really looking for more for meditation and focus.

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Indoor cycling

I worked out in the new swanky gym at work today.

The gym is about 75% set up. I was the only one in there the whole time I was spinning.

For about 40 minutes today I worked out on the eSpinner. There is a video of a guy on a bike telling me what to do, encouraging me, etc. The actual bike monitors what you are doing and will tell you if you need to go faster or slow or add or take off resistance.

I choose an endurance routine. It was tough and a good workout. The back of my thighs and the lower part of my butt are slightly sore. I can only imagine how they will feel tomorrow. There were other spin routines to take–strengthening, climbing, endurance, etc. I plan to try all routines.

The work gym has treadmills, ellipticals, spinners, weight machines, free weights, medicine balls, stability balls, towel service and a big TV.

I think the best part is the built-in fan. I get so hot when I workout. The built-in fan is so great.

I am still trying to figure out my … Continue reading