Learning over the weekend

Over this past weekend I attended two 5-hour yoga workshops.

There were supposed to be three, but unfortunately the Friday Fibromyalgia yoga workshop was canceled.

I attended the two workshops at Piedmont Yoga Studio.

Piedmont explains a little about the workshops: Adaptive yoga is the tailoring of the practice to people who are not “sick” but have physical limitations. This 2-day workshop explains the benefits of yoga in helping with issues such as pain, mobility and emotional states.

Saturday was on yoga and Parkinson’s with one of my favorite yoga teachers and people, Vickie.

Vickie has been teaching people with Parkinson’s for many years and has learned so much along that journey.

During my yoga teacher training we were required to observe and assist 25 hours of classes with any of the teachers who were part of the program.

I observed some of Vickie’s Parkinson’s classes. It was fascinating and I always felt happy while there. And I learned so much. There are so many ways to do Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations).

And the best thing I learned was that yoga is accessible to everyone, no matter your limitations.

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Summer Cleanse

Green Surge  makes organic, green smoothies. They come into work twice a week and sell smoothies. They also have a 1-day, 3-day and 5-day Summer Cleanse.

I did the 3-day with some other co-workers so we could “suffer” together.

The Surge Express Cleanse provides about 1,ooo calories of dense nutrition a day. Every morning six smoothies are delivered and are numbered in the order they should be consumed.

I decided to do the cleanse for a few reasons. I think a detox occasionally is good for most people. I also really need to get back on track with my nutrition and felt that was a great way to launch back into it.

The fact that my friends are doing it along with me makes a difference as well.

I have my six smoothies a day along with raw veggies at lunch, a banana in the morning and I had a few homegrown (small) tomatoes last night and tonight.

A cleanse is not healthy for everyone. Make sure to check with your doctor if you have any questions or doubts or thyroid disease, digestive disease or are recovering from an eating disorder. Liquid cleansing is not recommended for people with diabetes.

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Setting an intention

Keeping with the yoga theme this week, I want to talk about just one of the many things that I love about yoga … setting an intention at the beginning of yoga practice.

According to the Yoga Journal web site: Setting intention, at least according to Buddhist teachings, is a path or practice that is focused on how you are “being” in the present moment.

Many yoga instructors will have you set an intention during mediation at the beginning of your yoga practice.

Sometimes I set my intention toward someone else, sometimes to myself and sometimes to my actual practice. When I set my intention for someone else I feel that the energy of my practice sends healing energy to my family member, friend or myself.

Help me, please

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Noon spin class

Yesterday and today I attended the noon spin class. I normally go on Mondays. Tuesdays I try to go to the evening class–but that is getting tougher lately. Plus my fave spin teacher, Jennifer, was subbing.

Work has been insane and it can be tough to leave at a reasonable hours. It is a challenge to leave in the middle of the day, too. But I just make sure to do it. I mark out the time on my work calendar and I just make sure I go. There are times that meetings take priority. But today and yesterday I was able to exercise.

I feel so much better afterward. I am able to tackle more, have more energy, am a little less tired (long hours make you tired whether or not you exercise) and just feel much more productive.

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