Keeping environmentally friendly during the season

Last year I wrote about the Delancey Street Foundation and that we support the organization by buying our tree at one of their lots every year. It was no different this year.

But what I wanted to write about this time around was the certified environmentally friendly tree we purchased.

According to the website, Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers, the Coalition group of Christmas tree growers agrees to farm using methods that are conscious of the environment, and to submit their farms to an ongoing series of independent physical audits that verify compliance with strict certification program standard.

According to the tag, which certifies that the tree was grown under stringent conditions, on our tree, the independent auditor evaluates using this criteria:

  • Riparian/Wetland Management
  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pest Management
  • Worker Safety and Protection
  • Biodiversity

Our tree came from Holiday Tree Farms has been growing trees since 1955. Our tree came from Oregon and was grown on a tree farm and not harvested from a natural forest.

And as I wrote in my post last year, North American real Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada. Eighty percent of all artificial … Continue reading

Making a green choice while away from home

When I checked into my hotel in Dallas on Friday evening I was given a choice to decline regular house keeping for environmental reasons.

There is a reward of points to decline. Frankly, I don’t need points to agree to that.

I don’t make my bed every day. And I don’t need anyone else making it.

(A note: I do make my bed when we have company over. I don’t want people thinking I am messy or anything. And I feel when you invite people to your home it should be clean and welcoming. But as a kid I had to make my bed every day so I guess this is my adult rebellion to not regularly make it. And, really, what’s the point?)

And I really don’t need clean sheets on my bed every single day. I don’t do that at home. How many people do?

At home we also don’t use a towel once and then throw in the hamper. So why have that when staying at a hotel?

Wow, what a waste of so many resources with washing sheets and towels and replacing every single day.

And with all of that washing things get worn out and … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Reusable Washable Nylon Produce bags

In honor of Earth Day next week (Monday, April 22) I wanted to review Reusable Washable Nylon Produce bags.

Friend and GFG! reader, Nicole, sent me some as a gift, which is totally awesome.

If anyone ever wants to send me cool items whether as a gift or to review or both I will gladly accept. Remember the onion goggles given to me by friend and GFG! reader Monica?

And come back next Tuesday for a Comment Contest Tuesday and a chance to win your own set of Washable Produce Bags.

The bags are light and can easily be thrown in my reusable grocery bags.

The bags are see through and you can wash your fruits and veggies while they are still in the bag, which works out great.

The bags themselves are easy to clean with a little soap and water and they dry quickly.

One of my bags in the batch my friend sent didn’t have a whole cut for the drawstring. But that’s the only negative I have found. After I realized I couldn’t cinch one of my bags I came home and cut a little slit in the bag and now I can … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Chico Bag

I try to be an environmentally friendly person.

We recycle, we compost, I shop with reusable bags, I rarely buy bottled water and instead have a Pur water filter on our kitchen facet where I fill up my Camelbak water bottle regularly.

Late last year I became an owner of my very first Chico Bag. I now have several.

The bag rolls up into itself into a small pack, which is easy to carry in a purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. When opened up in full it becomes a good size sturdy bag. And according to the tag on the bag the Chico Bag can carry up to 25 pounds.

I like to carry the Chico Bag in my purse for unexpected shopping trips or when I don’t have my reusable bags.

I usually have two in my purse and have even lent a bag to a friend.

You can find a variety of Chico Bags in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store. There are a variety of bags to choose from like this one and these and even these.

Probably the only negative that I can think of is germs. That is likely the biggest … Continue reading

Buy a tree, help someone out

Curt and I got our Christmas tree yesterday.

I love having a live tree. I know that isn’t environmentally aware … or maybe it isn’t so bad.

According to this article I found online:  North American real Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada. Eighty percent of all artificial trees are manufactured in China. Real trees are recyclable. Artificial trees contain non-biodegradable plastic.

Every year that we have gotten a tree in the Bay Area (so about seven years) we have gotten our Christmas tree from the Delancey Street Foundation tree lot.

Delancey Street Foundation is a self-help organization for substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. They run restaurants, moving companies, furniture making, Christmas tree lots and cafés and bookstores.

These guys work hard and they seem happy to be working so hard.

Sometimes you can be in such a bad place and someone gives you another chance or a job or a choice to help yourself with just a little boost.

Most of the time people just need a little help. They need that encouragement to get out of that bad place.

And I believe Delancey Street Foundation is doing just … Continue reading

Buh-bye plastic bags

When I was at Target the other day … and by the way it was so busy at like 10:30/11 a.m. on a Friday morning. What’s the deal? (I work from home on Fridays and can be flexible about my “lunch break.”)

Anyway, as I was paying for my items (and many more than I had planned to buy–but that seems to be the norm when going to Target) as the cashier was scanning and bagging my items into my Chico Bags, which should very soon end up in Go Fit Girl!’s Amazon store, he told me that starting January 1 Alameda County (where I live and shop) will no longer have plastic bags and it will be 10 cents for a each paper bag used/needed.

I carry at least two Chico Bags in my purse so I am ready for an unexpected shopping trip, such as Michael’s today.

I carry bags in the trunk for trips to Target. I have bags in the pantry, which are used every time I go to the grocery.

I understand the need for the plastic bag ban ordinances … to a point.

But there are times when a plastic bag is … Continue reading