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All by myself

The shuttle schedule at work recently changed. The second shuttle switched from leaving South San Francisco at 5:35 to leaving at 6:10. That’s a huge difference and makes for an even longer day than I already have. In the past I would be done with work about 4 and head down to the gym until […]

A year ago today …

A year ago today my life changed. A year ago my company moved from Emeryville to South San Francisco.   That move changed my life in many ways. I am surprised I have lasted a year but then I am not surprised. Is that weird? I now get up for work at 5:30 a.m. Something […]

Did I really burn 900+ calories?

  Probably not. As I researched and wrote in the past, exercise machines really aren’t accurate with how many calories one burns. I think it gives you a good idea of how hard you are working. I know when I do endurance training on the espinner, which is moderate resistance and moderate speed, I burn […]

Dragging myself to the gym

I really didn’t want to exercise today. But with the way I have been eating lately … Today was a busy, but productive day at work. I had a lot of meetings. But I also managed to get a good amount of work done. I was trying to catch up on a few e-mails when […]

Working the medicine ball

Today I did about an hour of climbing on the espinner. After my ride I did 15-20 minutes of stretching, weights and squats and abs with the medicine ball. Until recently I had never really used a medicine ball. Today I did squats with a 6-pound medicine ball and when I stood up I held […]

We’re talkin’ hair today

I had an entirely different post planned today. While I was huffing and puffing and riding on the espinner I came up with tonight’s post, which would have lead into a couple of posts this week. Tomorrow’s was going to be a Comment Contest Tuesday post … and then I remembered that today is Tuesday. […]

What’s for dinner?

First off, I got a good workout in today. I did an hour on the espinner and then about 20 minutes of weights: lat pull downs; rows; leg press weight machine; and some abs. I came home, jumped in the shower, got work clothes and yoga clothes ready for tomorrow and I made dinner. Over […]

A little cardio with some arms sprinkled in

My inner thighs are still sore from Saturday’s step ups during circuit training in body conditioning. I am walking around pretty funny. I still wanted to do some cardio today. So I did 30 minutes of intervals on the espinner. After my cardio I did some weights for my arms, especially since Saturday’s body conditioning […]

Days of spinning

Yesterday I worked from home because Curt and I had a function to attend last night and if I went into the office I wouldn’t have made it on time. Because I was working from home I could attend my (old regular) noon spin class. I do best when I take classes. I do even […]

Burning calories on those cardio machines

Those of us who have ever used a cardio machine have probably asked the question: Is the calorie count on cardio machines accurate? I have wondered this. And I decided to do some research to get my answer. I read through many web sites and they pretty much said the same thing. No, the calorie […]