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50 years of marriage

Today my mother-in-law and father-in-law, Marilyn and Ed, celebrate 50 years of marriage. I met Marilyn and Ed a little more than 15 years ago in Missouri (where they live) at a family reunion. They were warm and kind and made me feel welcome in their home. Over the years they have continued to make […]

The strong women in my life

I wrote this post in November 2012. My friend Bridgette suggested I repost for Mother’s Day. So I did two years ago and last year and am doing it again this year.  This is a tribute to all the strong women and mothers (in whatever form of mom you are) I know. You have the hardest job in the world […]

Visiting family

I was born, bred and educated (Bear Down!) in Tucson, Ariz. I was recently in Tucson to attend a family friend wedding and to visit my own family. I come from a decent-sized Mexican-American family (both sides). I haven’t lived in Tucson for about 17 years. Wow! I left at the end of 1997. But most […]

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick Christmas post to wish everyone a lovely day no matter how you spend it, celebrating or not. We are having a lazy, calm day starting with coffee and watching A Christmas Story. Red chili tamales to be consumed soon. We’ve already chatted with Curt’s parents this morning. We will follow up with […]

Grandma Phyllis

Curt’s grandma, Grandma Phyllis, died Friday morning. Grandma Phyllis was 87 and a feisty woman. I first met Curt’s whole family at a family reunion in May 2000. Everyone was kind and accepting of me and I felt very welcomed. Soon after that I started e-mailing with Curt’s grandma. She always signed her e-mails Grandma […]

Choosing my path …

A week ago was Mother’s Day. I reposted a tribute to my mom and my grandmas as the strong women in my life who helped mold me to be the person I am today. I have also written about being Child Free by Choice (CFBC for short). I am 100% OK with my choice. But for […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone. A new year is always exciting. A clean state. A new start. Or maybe just a continuation of things already forming and molding and becoming. I have known for some time that January is going to be a challenging month for me. And I am trying to not freak out about […]

Family lilies

I wrote this post a few days ago. But it seems fitting to post today since it is my grandpa’s 92nd birthday. Happy birthday, Grandpa Frank. Over the past few years my relationship with my grandpa has grown. We talk on the phone regularly. Grandpa is a talker and a storyteller. About a month ago […]

Comment Contest Tuesday: Starr wants to hear stories

We haven’t had a Comment Contest Tuesday in some time. So I think it is time for one, don’t you. Let’s do something a little fun this time. My name is Ann. But when I was a kid (and still now) most of my family did and still calls me Annie. There was also Annie […]

Take Them a Meal

I feel like cancer is affecting so many people I know and care about. One of my friends, who is younger than I am, is battling testicular caner. I think we can all agree that cancer just sucks! My friend lives in Oregon. Curt and I are showing support as much as we can even […]