Can you drink too much water?

Years ago when I lived in Phoenix and worked at The Arizona Republic I was a unfairly unhealthy person. Having a job in newspapers makes it difficult to have any sort of healthy lifestyle.

I think that was also when I had my (regular, packed with sugar) Vanilla Coke addiction and I would troll the floors looking for the soda in the various vending machines. Eventually I quit that and just started bringing in my own soda, which just fueled the addiction.

I worked with a guy who regularly came in with lunch (we normally started our shift around 2-2:30) from some fast food restaurant. His favorite seemed to be fried chicken.

We’ll call him Enrique … Enrique was probably one of the the unhealthiest people I have ever known with his regular fast food intake, cigarette smoking, coffee and Diet Coke imbibing and pitchers of beer each night after work. (Sounds like a party, right?)

Enrique came in to work one day and announced that his doctor told him he was drinking too much water. We all, of course, laughed. I don’t think I ever saw Enrique drink water, unless ice cubes count.

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Researching ‘healthy’ fast food





Guest Post: Jen

I have to admit, even though I try to eat as healthfully as possible, I eat fast food on a pretty regular basis. Honestly, I simply like things that taste good — and I don’t like spending a lot of time on prep or cooking.

But I have to say I was surprised to read the news that Mickey-D’s was teaming up with Weight Watchers to rebrand some McDonald’s fried classics as “healthy.”

True, you can get a handful of items at McDonald’s for only a handful of Weight Watchers points (each). But even in the world of fast food, there are better, lower-in-fat, lower-calorie options out there.

Go Fit Girl! had a great guest blog a while back on the importance of researching your fast food. The McD/WW partnership inspired me to revisit that, AND make a little chart of my faves — plus some homemade stuff that’s as fast and yummy as making a fast-food run.

Here’s my list, based on the three popular McD’s items that have been reported for the Weight Watchers list.

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Research that fast food before putting in your mouth

Guest Post: Alison

I remember when I could “crash diet,” skip a meal or two and my jeans would fit nicely. (Please note: Go Fit Girl! does NOT recommend crash dieting of any sort.)  Now that I’m nearing my late 20s, I’ve had a baby, and I’m breastfeeding, dieting takes more effort.  My body needs consistent calories since I’m not the only dependent these days and indulging in a Quarter Pounder can’t be remedied by skipping the next meal.  I’d like to say that I never eat fast food but I have to admit when I don’t have time to grocery shop, somebody else needs to do the cooking.
Fortunately, we live in a semi-healthy conscious society and fast food companies have started listing ingredients and nutritional information on their websites. And I now have a tool that let’s me save time without compromising my healthy lifestyle.  Discovering that a 6-piece McNugget meal (nuggets + fries) has 665 calories and 37g of fat freaks me out. How many times have I eaten that!?

There are some, but not many, options for me at fast food restaurants.  There are very few meals that I can order and eat as is.  Most meals require special … Continue reading