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Picking out a good pair of athletic shoes

Years ago I went to a store that specifically sold athletic shoes. The woman who helped me measured my foot and asked me what I mostly needed them for. Was I a walker, runner, what kind of exercise did I do? From what I told her she came up with an athletic shoe that was […]

Comment Contest Tuesday

It has been awhile since we have had a Comment Contest Tuesday. So it’s time to get excited. Woot-woot!!! The theme this week is feet. Yesterday I told you about how I love fun and sassy shoes. I even posted a photo of many of my shoes. So tell me what are your favorite shoes, […]

Having fun with shoes

I love shoes. I love fun shoes, cute shoes, pretty shoes, comfy shoes, sassy shoes. Most of the time when it comes to shoes I believe in fashion over comfort. But not always. If I know I am going to walking around in the city (San Francisco) a lot I have to have comfy shoes […]

It’s feet week

The theme for this week … is feet! I personally think feet are one of the ugliest parts of our bodies. I would say I have a foot unfettish. My feet are super ticklish. So I hate having them touched. Probably about six years ago I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. I had […]

It’s about feet today … and Chinese food

In my Hatha Yoga class I got a foot cramp while in Revolved Triangle Pose. The foot cramps aren’t too regular but enough to be bothersome. I also get them in spin sometimes as well. As I was trying to massage out my crampy left toes Vickie came over to check on me. (Vickie was […]