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Keep healthy this flu season

I got my flu shot on Friday. Over the weekend it occurred to me that I should write a post about it. Mostly because there are so many myths about getting the flu shot. I have gotten the flu shot for at least the past 10 years in a row (and got it while I […]

It’s flu shot season

It is flu shot season. For at least the past 9 years I have gotten a flu shot. My company provides them for free and onsite. I am more inclined to get my flu shot if my company provides them and if they are easy to get onsite. I have had several jobs provide free […]

Staying healthy during cold, flu season

Flu and cold season is upon us. I got my¬†flu shot at the end of September. My company provides a free flu shot clinic every September/October. I know there are people out there who refuse to get a shot or don’t believe in them. OK, that’s fine. Here are my tips–for those who get flu […]

Keeping healthy with flu shot

Yesterday I got my flu shot. My company provides free flu shots every year. And I take advantage. A couple of years ago the nurse asked me if I worked out. I was flattered. As she was giving me my shot she said it would hurt a little more because of my muscle. Ugh. OK. […]

Sore muscles

Pretty much every Sunday I am sore from body conditioning and abs/core class on Saturdays. In class yesterday Jennifer had us do squats and lunges–but not as many and much slower. She said we would feel it today and she was right. My butt is so freakin’ sore today. We use that crazy bosu ball […]