Living life, making choices

When I started to lose weight at the end of 2006 I received support. Once the pounds started to fall off and be noticeable compliments poured in.

But as the healthy journey continued and continues to this day things change.

People aren’t as likely to support my journey to maintaining my healthy lifestyle.

I don’t expect cheerleaders. But I also don’t expect negative comments, food pushers, judgment, etc.

As my journey continues I learn to focus on myself and my path. My judgment of others is quite limited. And frankly, I have enough to worry about myself that I don’t care about someone else’s portions or if they decide to have dessert or not.

We are adults and make our own choices, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy …

What I ask of my friends, loved ones and really everyone: Please mind your own business. If I decide to not have dessert or bread or whatever, what’s it to you? If you want to have dessert or bread or whatever, feel free.

We only live life once. And I do love to eat and drink. But I also love to be and feel healthy. And let’s be honest, in vanity I like … Continue reading

Guest Post: Alicia

As long as I can remember food was always a very important thing to my relatives when I was growing up. On every visit one of the first questions asked was “Did you eat yet?” and before I could answer a bowl of food was literally pushed in front of my face. It really shouldn’t be a question because I couldn’t turn it down or else I would get a look of disappointment and I ended up feeling guilty so I just accepted it and I ate whatever I was served. It didn’t matter if I was hungry or not, but as long as I ate everyone was happy.

I eventually learned that food equals care. So when grandma gave you food, it means she cared and for you not to accept meant the same as rejecting her care.

When I grew up I picked up this food pushing practice. If people were visiting or I was visiting someone I always had goodies with me. I never realized how hard this could be on someone who was watching their weight until an ex-boyfriend gained 20 pounds from being with me! His weakness was his grandmother’s banana pie recipe, which I … Continue reading