Good girls eat their fruits, veggies

When we were little kids we learned that fruits and vegetables are good for you. Remember the food pyramid? (If you want to read even more about the food pyramid, click here.)

As a kid I liked most fruits and vegetables. And as an adult I like most fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about summer is the many delicious fruits to choose from. Besides the standard apples, bananas and oranges there is so much juicy deliciousness to eat: watermelon, cherries, grapes, all kinds of berries, honeydew …

One of the wellness challenges at work right now is to get in five servings of fruit and vegetables five times a week. This challenge is pretty easy for me to achieve. On Friday after I had had two servings I hit my 25 mark for the week.

According to the CDC website, fruit and vegetables have many benefits. I know we already know that. Yet, so many people don’t get enough in their diet.

Here are some reasons why they are so great for us: