A good night’s sleep …

As for most or all people, sleep is important. It definitely is for me. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep well. A good night of sleep for me is only waking up two or three times during the night.

Right now for some reason I am in my bad cycle of sleep. This means I wake up 10ish times a night and sometimes when I wake up I can’t fall back asleep immediately. I usually end up in the spare room at some point and sack out on the futon.

I almost never have a hard time falling asleep. I do that great. It’s the waking up all hours of the night that is tough on me.

Now that I get up at 5 a.m. for work, sleep seems even more important. I am not super happy if I don’t get enough. I try to go to bed between 9 and 10 p.m. But really I prefer between 9 and 9:30.

I remember hearing that sleep-deprived people tend to eat more. This article, Why a Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat and How to Keep From Gaining Weight, from Health.com talks about how lack of sleep can alter your appetite.

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10 easy, healthy snacks

On the back of the Ziploc® brand containers I noticed a list of healthy snacks, all about 100 calories or less:

1 orange

28 grapes

1 3/4 cups whole strawberries

1 small baked potato with a 1/2 cup of salsa and 2 tablespoons of fat free sour cream

1 3/4 cups cantalope

1 3/4 cups raspberries

1 3/4 cups popcorn

1/2 mini bagel and 1 oz. smoked salmon

1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, plus 5 strawberries

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Work/life not so balanced …

This week has been a tough one at work. A particular project plus everything else I have to do is keeping me rather busy and slightly frazzled.

At some point in the early afternoon I knew there was no way I was going to make my 5:30 spin class. I just accepted it and moved on and continued working until about 7.

At least I took a lunch break and visited Emeryville’s Farmers’ Market, which is still pretty new. I went a couple of weeks ago and bought some amazing organic blueberries. Curt and I both really enjoyed them. So I went back for more. For lunch I had veggie spring rolls, which were pretty good and surprisingly filling. To drink I had French lemonade, which was sparkling, with lavendar ice cubes. So yummy!

I came home tonight tired and decided to have a beer. Sigh.

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Healthy snacks keep me goin’

I realized when I got to work today I had plenty of healthy snacks to keep me going for the week. And it wasn’t even all planned.

I did have a yogurt and some light butter popcorn today. I also had some blueberries and strawberries. I still have carrots, edamame (leftovers from dinner last night) and various fresh fruit.

I love summer fruit. The blueberries right now are so good. I also have cherries, peaches, apples, blackberries and strawberries as I mentioned before.

If you plan right you can have plenty of healthy, low calorie and filling snacks available at any time you feel snacky.

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Getting back on track with eating & exercise

So today started yet another round of me getting back on track with my health and fitness.

I went to my morning yoga class today.

My menu has been: Cheerios with blueberries and strawberries (love summer fruit!); cup of coffee with Silk creamer; Pesto Chicken Lean Cuisine and salad with spritzer; piece of cheese and turkey jerkey; orange; and for dinner: brown rice with Brussels Srpouts and a Boca burger. There have been a couple of Coke Zeros thrown in (one regular and one vanilla). So far 7 servings of water.

I also weighed myself this morning. I seem to jump around these same 5 pounds. But that’s OK. So I would like to lose 5 pounds to get back to my goal weight.

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Free pastry day

Tomorrow is free pastry day at Starbucks.

Here is the link to the coupon if you would like it.

I find it frustrating that Starbucks doesn’t have nutritional information for their goodies. They do for their drinks–which can be a rude awakening if you look up your favorite drink. After reading that information you may need tons of sugar and calories to get you out of shock.

**********UPDATED later today**************

OK, I know you aren’t going to believe this, but I was wrong. You have to click like 300 times before you can find goodie nutritional information on the Starbucks site–it is there, just not that easily.

Here are a few of their goodies listed:

The Apple Bran Muffin with Omega 3’s & 7g Fiber has 350 calories and 9 grams of fat; Reduced-Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake has 320 calories and 9 grams of fat; Blueberry Scone has 460 calories and 22 grams of fat.


Starbucks does claim in their new recipes:

No artificial flavors; No artificial trans fat; No artificial dyes; No high-fructose corn syrup (These things are really great. But that doesn’t mean that their goodies aren’t still loaded … Continue reading


I just read an article giving tips on making your butt tighter and firmer. (I hate the word tush and refuse to use it, even though the article does.)
I dislike squats and lunges, but that is what works for the firmness.
All of the exercises seem pretty good, except for the jumping lunges. Those seem a little dangerous, especially for a klutz like me.
But I will let you be the judge: Look Divine From Behind.
I write this as I am having my night snack of fresh cut strawberries with a little Splenda sprinkled on them. Yummy!

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Homemade smoothie

I decided to take a crack at making a healthy smoothie at home.

(Too much of anything can be bad–just an FYI.)

On Saturday I made a simple smoothie. Half a cup of orange juice, half a banana, and not quite a cup of frozen strawberries. Throw all in a blender. Yum!

On Day 2 I made a smoothie with a half cup of orange juice, the other half of the banana, and a cup of fresh strawberries, which I froze. It was harder to blend because of the honker frozen strawberries. But I think the second one was much better.

Frozen or freezing your berries is a great way to keep it thick and cold especially if you don’t have ice. And we never have ice at home–unless we are having a party.

The only negative is that I have to drag out the blender and then wash it.

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