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What’s for dinner?

First off, I got a good workout in today. I did an hour on the espinner and then about 20 minutes of weights: lat pull downs; rows; leg press weight machine; and some abs. I came home, jumped in the shower, got work clothes and yoga clothes ready for tomorrow and I made dinner. Over […]


Today at work we had an early Fourth of July barbecue. As I have been trying to limit my caloric intake and bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work this week I didn’t want to fall off the wagon on Day 4. I brought my own bread. (I have been known to go to […]

Fresh garden salad

For dinner tonight I had the second half of my leftover lunch from yesterday, which was chicken and hummus from a delicious restaurant,¬†Ali Baba, in South San Francisco. I decided to toss the pita, as I didn’t really need the extra calories. Instead I made a simple salad: lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms. I used the […]

Getting back in the exercise routine

My plan (after being gone from the gym for 5 weeks: getting sick and then being on vacation) this week was to immediately get back into my regular workout routine. Not sure why I thought that would happen. I guess I was hoping it would since I knew it would help with the jet lag. […]

No weekend workouts

So Friday I felt like I might be getting sick. But I thought it could be allergies. I didn’t go to yoga for a variety of reasons on Friday night. Work allowed us to leave at 1 Friday afternoon. I stayed until about 3. I was tired and just came home. I ended up bringing […]