What’s for dinner?

First off, I got a good workout in today. I did an hour on the espinner and then about 20 minutes of weights: lat pull downs; rows; leg press weight machine; and some abs.

I came home, jumped in the shower, got work clothes and yoga clothes ready for tomorrow and I made dinner.

Over the weekend at the grocery I bought a new kind of tortilla. Safeway had a coupon and they looked decent. Each Corn & Whole Wheat Blend Artisan Style Tortilla has 90 calories; 2.5 grams of fat; 3 grams of fiber and protein. And they actually taste good, too.

For dinner tonight I had a side salad and I sauteed some tomatoes from our garden in garlic and a little olive oil.

I used my tomato concoction as a spread on the tortilla, which was heated up on my gas stove–the only way to heat up a tortilla. Dinner was pretty yummy. I had two tortillas with spread. And i have to say I could have kept on eating.


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Today at work we had an early Fourth of July barbecue. As I have been trying to limit my caloric intake and bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work this week I didn’t want to fall off the wagon on Day 4.

I brought my own bread. (I have been known to go to barbecues with my own bread and portobello mushroom.) I brought a Sandwich Thin with me.

I was careful with my choices at the barbecue buffet. I had a little helping of coleslaw and potato salad. I grabbed a huge portobello mushroom, a slice of cheese, onions and a little barbecue sauce. I did grab a cornbread muffin. For dessert I skipped the pie, ice cream and bread pudding and went with a piece of watermelon.

I planned to take a photo of my not so unhealthy barbecue plate. I didn’t remember until my plate was empty. Woopsie!

I was a little late to my 6:30 p.m. spin class at the gym tonight. But I still made it. I needed a good workout as my points were pretty much depleted throughout the day, despite my careful efforts at the barbecue.

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Fresh garden salad

For dinner tonight I had the second half of my leftover lunch from yesterday, which was chicken and hummus from a delicious restaurant, Ali Baba, in South San Francisco. I decided to toss the pita, as I didn’t really need the extra calories.

Instead I made a simple salad: lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms. I used the lettuce from our garden. It was nice and crispy and yummy.

The salad was delicious, nutritious and filing. It was the perfect complement to my hummus and chicken.

Eventually we will have tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli and herbs from our garden. Hopefully we will also have edamame and Brussels sprouts. Those are the experiments, so who knows. Sometimes our experiments work: crookneck squash; and sometimes they don’t work: eggplant.

I love veggies. There is hardly a veggie I have met that I don’t like. I steam a lot of my veggies, season them and serve over brown rice. Filling, delicious and good for me (and you)!

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Getting back in the exercise routine

My plan (after being gone from the gym for 5 weeks: getting sick and then being on vacation) this week was to immediately get back into my regular workout routine. Not sure why I thought that would happen. I guess I was hoping it would since I knew it would help with the jet lag.

I went to spin on Monday. I didn’t work that day. Paid bills, ran errands, did laundry, etc. Didn’t get back to the gym until Saturday (long h0urs at work got in the way of my gym time) for my regular two hours of spin; abs; body conditioning. I was planning to go to the gym this morning. I started to feel sore last night from class and then this morning … OUCH!

Curt and I put our garden in today. That was a major workout in itself. Curt shovels the dirt in the garden and I hoe it. Hoeing is hard work.

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No weekend workouts

So Friday I felt like I might be getting sick. But I thought it could be allergies.

I didn’t go to yoga for a variety of reasons on Friday night. Work allowed us to leave at 1 Friday afternoon. I stayed until about 3. I was tired and just came home. I ended up bringing some filing home and just watching a movie and doing a little work.

Saturday I woke up with some chest cold sort of thing. So I didn’t go to the gym for my two hours of normal Saturday work out.

Normally on Easter Curt and I plant our garden. We didn’t this year because of the rain. And it worked out since I am still not feeling well. It would have been tough to do–that’s a major workout doing all that weeding and tilling, etc.

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