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Say no to processed foods, yes to glutes

OK, it’s Labor Day and the first day of September, which means it is time for a new Monthly Challenge. August’s Monthly Challenge was about slowing down. How did that go? I think it a great practice to continue in life moving forward. OK, onto September’s challenges … Nutrition: We all know that processed foods, […]

November Monthly Challenge is about fruits, veggies & butts

Ready for Go Fit Girl!’s November Monthly Challenge? In October we focused our nutrition challenge on Minus 1: decreasing just one cup of coffee or soda or Diet Coke or beer or glass of wine. I have to say that challenge proved to be quite challenging for me: some traveling; birthday celebrations, anniversary celebration, A’s […]

Working out with friend

      My friend Jenn e-mailed the gym girls yesterday to see if we wanted to workout tonight. It just ended up being Jenn and me. We had fun and a good workout. We did about 45 minutes. We talked about doing cardio. But there was a spin class going on. We decided to […]

Working out with friends

Tonight I hit my regular gym, In-Shape City, and worked out with Jenn, Monica, Pam and Pam’s daughter, Isabelle. We did about an hour of body conditioning with arms, some step ups on the step board, squats, lunges, glutes and abs. We did these crazy butt exercises, which we have done in class before. They […]

Sore butt

So I am not sure if it was the five spins classes this past week or those crazy squats and lunges on the exercise ball. Or maybe a combo of the two. But my glutes are sore. This is a good thing. I need the most work on my butt, hips and thighs. So I […]