Say no to processed foods, yes to glutes

OK, it’s Labor Day and the first day of September, which means it is time for a new Monthly Challenge.

August’s Monthly Challenge was about slowing down. How did that go? I think it a great practice to continue in life moving forward.

OK, onto September’s challenges …

Nutrition: We all know that processed foods, which typically come in a can or box, aren’t great for you. They have lots of ingredients we can’t pronounce.

We are all busy in life and know that sometimes opening a can or box and throwing dinner in the microwave is easy.

We all probably can’t commit to completely eliminating processed foods for the whole month. So maybe for one meal a day, or once a week or just once this month. Try to replace it with something fresh, like fruits and or vegetables.

Exercise: The other day in a yoga class I taught we did some exercises for the glutes.  So I decided to make that the exercise challenge for this month. When you exercise try to dedicate some time to your glutes every time.

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November Monthly Challenge is about fruits, veggies & butts

Ready for Go Fit Girl!’s November Monthly Challenge?

In October we focused our nutrition challenge on Minus 1: decreasing just one cup of coffee or soda or Diet Coke or beer or glass of wine. I have to say that challenge proved to be quite challenging for me: some traveling; birthday celebrations, anniversary celebration, A’s going to the playoffs and the fact that I feed my feelings with food and booze.

I was a little better with the exercise challenge: 1,000 ab exercises a week. I didn’t complete the 1,000 every week. But most weeks I got some ab work in.

OK, on to November challenges:

Nutrition: Gotta get yer 5 (or 35). We all know how important our fruits and veggies are. But do we get enough in every week or even every day? So your challenge this month is to try to get 5 fruits and veggies in every day/35 a week.

Find new and yummy ways to get your veggies in. Seasonings make everything taste better.

I learned over the summer that I have to be careful with certain fruits. Everything in moderation.

Exercise: The Booty! We are going to focus on the glutes this month. … Continue reading

Working out with friend




My friend Jenn e-mailed the gym girls yesterday to see if we wanted to workout tonight.

It just ended up being Jenn and me. We had fun and a good workout.

We did about 45 minutes. We talked about doing cardio. But there was a spin class going on.

We decided to start with some step ups on the step board. Those things ended up being plenty of cardio. After two sets or did we do three? I was sweaty and huffing and puffing.

We did arms, squats, lunges, abs and the ever so lovely glutes, which were hip extensions and the dirty dog!

Cardio is always a big part of my regular exercise routine and something I want to keep a major focus on. But I have also been making it a goal and effort to get weights in twice a week and more abs as well.

I think this will become a regular occurrence. It’s always easier for me to take a class or exercise with a friend or friends.

Though I remember in college my friend Katherine and I would meet to head to the gym together on campus. We hardly ever … Continue reading

Working out with friends

Tonight I hit my regular gym, In-Shape City, and worked out with Jenn, Monica, Pam and Pam’s daughter, Isabelle.

We did about an hour of body conditioning with arms, some step ups on the step board, squats, lunges, glutes and abs.

We did these crazy butt exercises, which we have done in class before. They are always so painful while doing them and then I never “feel it the next day.”

One is called the dirty dog and the other is hip extension. I feel like my butt is gonna fall off (I wish it would) and I want to cry.

I realize as I list the various exercises we did many were focused on the butt. That is where I need the most work. After that is thighs and hips. And then abs.

It was a good workout and it was fun hanging out with the girls. I hope this becomes a regular occurrence.

I have been trying to get more abs and weights into my workouts. My main focus is cardio and then yoga.

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Sore butt

So I am not sure if it was the five spins classes this past week or those crazy squats and lunges on the exercise ball. Or maybe a combo of the two. But my glutes are sore.

This is a good thing. I need the most work on my butt, hips and thighs. So I am thinking of getting an exercise ball to use at home. I can watch TV while “Williams sistering” my butt and thighs. (I do have some Target gift cards I haven’t used yet–exercise ball would be a good purchase.)

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