Accountability=successful weight loss

At one point over the summer I realized I needed accountability with my food and drink intake. Even though I worked out almost every day I wasn’t monitoring my food intake and I wasn’t losing weight even though I wanted to get back to my goal weight.

I needed accountability with food tracking.

In the middle of June I rejoined Weight Watchers (just online) and started tracking my food again. I have had some downs–weeks where I wasn’t tracking or just didn’t want to track, weekends where I decided to be “off plan.”

At Week 2 I had to unexpectedly go to Tucson because my 90-year-old grandpa was going to have surgery. I decided because I knew I would likely be busy for the week that I would not worry about my caloric intake for that week.

Luckily all went well with my grandpa and his surgery. I spent a lot of time at the hospital. But I also was able to spend time with both of my parents, which included some eating out–drinking, Mexican food and other delicious stuff.

I recently hit my goal weight. I decided to lose 2 more pounds, which gives me a little wiggle room.

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Are you eating healthy this weekend?

Anyone who has been on Weight Watchers, any sort of diet and/or healthy lifestyle may have someone ask them, are you eating healthy right now? Are you on plan? Are you off plan?

I usually hear one of those questions before going out to eat at a restaurant. I can almost always find a decently healthy thing or two on the menu to eat.

And sometimes I decide to indulge and eat whatever I want.

We had a friend visiting over the weekend who is also on WW. So at some point I asked, are you eating healthy this weekend?

She decided to enjoy her food and booze.

At the point I asked her I hadn’t decided yet my plan for the weekend. But by the multiple beers ordered at McNally’s, the Mac & Cheese for dinner … I answered my own question.

Neither of us went too crazy. But we enjoyed ourselves. But we also made sure to get some exercise in: spin on Saturday and yoga on Sunday.

AND I still lost a tiny bit of weight. I am on my way to hitting my goal weight … very soon.

And yesterday I was back on plan.

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Back on plan, on my way to goal weight (again)

Right before Curt and I headed to Mexico City I weighed in super close to my goal weight. Like ounces away.

My hard work is paying off.

Like I said I would, while in Mexico City I ate and drank what I wanted. I had a lot of amazing food and beer and margaritas.

We did a lot of walking. So that usually helps when on vacation to keep the weight gain minimal.

And it was minimal. I am just a pound away from my goal weight. Easy peasy!

We flew back Saturday evening. Sunday morning I was attending my regular Vinyasa yoga class with Ashley.

And today I got back on plan and am tracking my food again.

And I also went to my now regular evening body conditioning class at the gym, while meeting up with my friend Monica.

While in Mexico I was careful with what I ate and drank. I avoided most fresh fruits and vegetables. I always drank bottled water. I used bottled water even when I brushed my teeth.

It was a bummer to avoid fresh fruits and veggies. But I had to be careful. And that paid off. I didn’t get sick.

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Water retention & staying hydrated

When I eat sushi (or really the soy sauce) I retain water like crazy. (Curt and I had sushi for dinner last night.) I can eat some foods with pretty high sodium levels and not feel the effects. But for some reason soy sauce gets me every time. Even if I use the low sodium soy sauce, which I try to use every time I have soy sauce.

The first time I figured this out was probably about four years ago. I had sushi one night and then the next day weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting. I was getting pretty close to my goal weight. So I was excited to see the number on the scale. I stepped on the scale and saw that I had “gained” 2 pounds. I was so upset and couldn’t figure out why the number was going up. My leader asked me what I ate for dinner. We figured it out pretty quickly.

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Stepping on scale was not so scary

I did a weigh-in today and I was surprised and happy to find that I am only 4 pounds from my goal weight. I am not really sure how or why that happened. But I am OK with it.

About the first two years after I lost my roughly 30 pounds I was able to maintain rather easily. The past two years have been a little more of a struggle. But the highest weight I have been from my goal weight has been 9 pounds.

I decided to look at my Before and After pics again and post on my Go Fit Girl! Facebook page and have a link here as well. I am having issues sharing the link from Facebook.

I am still proud of my weight loss and happy with the fact that I have maintained pretty well over the years. The only new clothes I want to buy are in the sizes I own now. I purposely got rid of most of my clothes after my weight loss. I didn’t want to have them as a fall back and Bay Area … Continue reading

Starting off the new year right

Yesterday I attended a two-hour yoga workshop. It was refreshing and freeing and a great workout. It was a great way to start the new year and end the last year.

Today I attended my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. That class is always an amazing cardio workout.

Last week I decided I seriously need to make a change with my caloric intake. I know I have gained weight. I am not sure how much.

Last week I was home visiting family, eating lots of homecooked Mexican food and then spent a few days in San Diego eating every meal out and not healthy.

When I lost weight many years ago I lost weight over the holidays. So I really have no excuses. I need to get back to my goal weight. And that’s that.

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Candy bowl restocked

I have had a candy bowl at my desk for about five years. It started one Halloween when we lived in Berkeley and I figured we would have a ton of kids so I got lots of candy. We didn’t.

Co-workers love it and that is really why I have it.

Lately the candy bowl has been a huge distraction in regards to my limited calorie intake and healthy eating. I just couldn’t fill it … otherwise I would just eat all the candy.

Lately I have felt once I start I just can’t stop. So my solution was to stop stocking the bowl.

Yesterday when I was at the grocery I told myself I was ready to restock the bowl. So I got some candy and today I dumped it into the bowl. I never felt any craving for chocolate–and peanut butter cups are my absolute fave. I just told myself what my goal is right now–to get back to my goal weight. I don’t want to fall back into my bad habits of stuffing my face with crap, especially when I am stressed, overwhelmed or upset.

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Determined to lose 9 pounds

Today is Day 3 of getting back to my healthy lifestyle.

I started counting points again with Weight Watchers on Monday. I am not attending meetings (probably should) or doing anything online. My years with WW gave me many of the tools I need to continue on my own.

I am trying to mix up my workouts–not so spin focused (tho. that usually means I can eat more!). Monday there were no classes at the gym (that is normally my noon spin class day) so I did a little time on the treadmill and then did a self-taught spin class on the bike. Tuesday was yoga. And today was Zumba. Tomorrow will either be spin or kickboxing.

I am determined this time to get back to my goal weight. I have to stop making excuses and lose that 9 pounds.

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About 3 pounds

The working out and tracking food is slowly working. I am about 3 pounds from my goal weight.

Last week I hit the gym six times. And I tracked my food all week.

I hope I can keep the discipline for the rest of this week. Next week will be tough as friends will be in town. And there will be eating out, drinking and all kinds of fun stuff, which likely will involve high calorie intake.

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Only 5 pounds

So I have about 5 pounds to lose to be back at my goal weight.

My husband was sweet and mentioned to me the other day that I looked good. Thanks, honey. But I do need to lose 5 pounds.

Most people think 5 pounds isn’t a big deal. Or they roll their eyes at me. Or even tell me they hate me. (I did work very hard to lose 30 pounds a few years ago.) But here’s the thing, yea, 5 pounds isn’t a lot to lose. But if I continue to eat the way I have been eating lately that 5 pounds is gonna become 10, 15 … You get the idea. So it is best and easiest to tackle the weight when it isn’t a lot.

So that is my goal right now: Get back to my goal weight. Some of my pants are a little tight–and it would be nice if they fit a little better.

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