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Accountability=successful weight loss

At one point over the summer I realized I needed accountability with my food and drink intake. Even though I worked out almost every day I wasn’t monitoring my food intake and I wasn’t losing weight even though I wanted to get back to my goal weight. I needed accountability with food tracking. In the […]

Are you eating healthy this weekend?

Anyone who has been on Weight Watchers, any sort of diet and/or healthy lifestyle may have someone ask them, are you eating healthy right now? Are you on plan? Are you off plan? I usually hear one of those questions before going out to eat at a restaurant. I can almost always find a decently […]

Back on plan, on my way to goal weight (again)

Right before Curt and I headed to Mexico City I weighed in super close to my goal weight. Like ounces away. My hard work is paying off. Like I said I would, while in Mexico City I ate and drank what I wanted. I had a lot of amazing food and beer and margaritas. We […]

Water retention & staying hydrated

When I eat sushi (or really the soy sauce) I retain water like crazy. (Curt and I had sushi for dinner last night.) I can eat some foods with pretty high sodium levels and not feel the effects. But for some reason soy sauce gets me every time. Even if I use the low sodium […]

Stepping on scale was not so scary

I did a weigh-in today and I was surprised and happy to find that I am only 4 pounds from my goal weight. I am not really sure how or why that happened. But I am OK with it. About the first two years after I lost my roughly 30 pounds I was able to […]

Starting off the new year right

Yesterday I attended a two-hour yoga workshop. It was refreshing and freeing and a great workout. It was a great way to start the new year and end the last year. Today I attended my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. That class is always an amazing cardio workout. Last week I decided I seriously need to […]

Candy bowl restocked

I have had a candy bowl at my desk for about five years. It started one Halloween when we lived in Berkeley and I figured we would have a ton of kids so I got lots of candy. We didn’t. Co-workers love it and that is really why I have it. Lately the candy bowl […]

Determined to lose 9 pounds

Today is Day 3 of getting back to my healthy lifestyle. I started counting points again with Weight Watchers on Monday. I am not attending meetings (probably should) or doing anything online. My years with WW gave me many of the tools I need to continue on my own. I am trying to mix up […]

About 3 pounds

The working out and tracking food is slowly working. I am about 3 pounds from my goal weight. Last week I hit the gym six times. And I tracked my food all week. I hope I can keep the discipline for the rest of this week. Next week will be tough as friends will be […]

Only 5 pounds

So I have about 5 pounds to lose to be back at my goal weight. My husband was sweet and mentioned to me the other day that I looked good. Thanks, honey. But I do need to lose 5 pounds. Most people think 5 pounds isn’t a big deal. Or they roll their eyes at […]